We love our sponsors and are thrilled to rep the best out on the course!


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One thought on “Sponsors

  1. Hello Donna & Dustin,
    First, thank you for the retweet from last Friday. I want to ask if you folks would be interested in a mutual following & having your twitter account, website & sponsors advertised every Friday? FYI, I have hundreds of thousands of folks viewing my ‘Follow-Friday’ Shoutouts on Friday alone (the numbers are thru the roof!) You may already have learned that I am ranked in the top 1% in social media on twitter (klear.com/profile/DarinArmstrong). Also, I provide ‘anytime’ retweet support for all athletes who share a mutual following with me. And, all those athletes that I mentioned in last Friday’s ‘Follow-Friday’ Shoutouts, are sharing a mutual following with me. Sponsors spend a lot of money on athletes & they do appreciate some support back from their sponsored athletes via social media besides entering racing events. As you can see, I have an excellent viewing audience & many sponsors follow me & have sent me direct messages thanking me for my support on twitter. I am currently following you know and am awaiting your follow-back before Friday morning so that I can prepare your ‘Follow-Friday’ Shoutout for Friday. Besides Moxi-Multisport, please give me at least 3 more sponsors you would like mentioned as well, should you decide to share a mutual following with me. Thank you for taking time to read my offer & regardless of your decision, I wish you both a Healthy, Prosperous/Positive 2016!

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