Gear Junky Thursday!!

Last week, I told you I’d be bringing Gear Junky Thursday out because I have a serious retail problem! Well, last week when I went to New Orleans and ran the Rivershack 2 miler, I had a huge fail – didn’t put the xtenex laces in my Newton’s. It was wet & crappy & let’s face it, I’m a girl that didn’t want nasty road grime & who knows what else on these fantastic looking laces! So I got back to north Mississippi & it’s been hot, humid, & muggy… Basically gross – so bad, I’d say, if you’re a female in a skirt, a little Tri-Slide would do wonders (not that I know or anything!)

Back to the xlaces – these things are freaking awesome! I’ve never had laces for my shoes that kept them snug but completely comfortable… My foot swells & sometimes hits a numb point with these, the numbness hasn’t happened and the nubs give to make your running experience a better one! Plus, I was impressed with their customer service – I learned so much on that call about xtenex & the company! They told me to lace my shoes with the laces in – I would agree because I could see if you didn’t making them too tight. They run around 20 bucks but i got them during a sale. Sooooo, I give xtenex ( 2 thumbs up because I love this product (& no more plastic things to mess with, score!!)… best kept secret for runners, for sure (in my opinion ;))

If you have xlaces, let me know what you think! I’m curious 🙂

Other news will be posted over the weekend… All the hell I’ve been going through with a new diet plan (including fruit, which I still don’t like but I’m working on it!), bike update, training plan update, & life update!

Don’t forget the Fluid Giveaway – seriously great recovery for muscles!!