On my own…

Friday was my last day of Physical Therapy. It was a happy yet sad kind of day as I now have the next 6-8 weeks on my own.

Let me bring you up to speed. Tuesday when I had gone to the MD and saw the Nurse Practitioner (yes, he was too busy to see me) it was determined when she went to see the MD to discuss my injury that I was to transition to a Home Exercise Program and NOT run for ANOTHER 6-8 weeks. When I went into PT Wednesday, we decided Friday would be my last day because under my benefits package I get 20 PT visits a year and we were concerned that if I needed to come back it would all be out of pocket… so I will have 5 left need be. Now, they weren’t saying I will be back because of not doing my homework however, if there is an unplanned surgery or this is one of those cases of runner’s knee where the cartilage jaggeds up and I need surgery, rehab will be necessary & they want me to not have everything out of pocket (thanks for the good looking out!).

So we decided I would continue rebuilding my glutes, quads, and everything else in the general area attaching to my knee cap. I found a knee brace from BRD Sports that should help keep my knee cap in place for day to day walking, etc (and I made sure to get it approved before I left & spent more money on this knee). Additionally, I ordered KT Tape as I was taught how to tape my knee correctly before I left Friday. My knee is tracking laterally instead of at the angle it is supposed to be so I’ll be pulling the tape to the inside of my knee.

Today was my first day on my own as far as PT is concerned – the plan is I’ll be in the pool doing my rehab every other day and building my repetitions every couple of sessions. Tonight’s session looked like this:

  • Fast Walk (Warm-up) – 10 laps
  • Squats – 50
  • Heel Raises – 50
  • Step Up on Stair – 50
  • Jumps – 2 mins
  • Jump Lunges – 3 mins
  • Scissors or criss-crosses – 3 mins
  • Running – 5 mins
  • High Knee Run – 4 mins
  • Deepwater Bike (w/ a noodle) – 5 mins
  • Deep Water Cross-Country or Straight Legs (w/ a noodle) – 5 mins
Then for good measure, I swam a light 500 yds. before hurrying home for #trichat on Twitter. I will continue to increase my running time in the water as I have learned over some research 10 minutes of water running can be considered 1 mile. On my off days from PT/swimming, I will be on my bike thats permanently affixed to the trainer in my living room – I’ve been riding most bike days at about an hour on a light resistance level (however, I have been increasing it slowly). Then after we get back from Kona, I’ll be back in the doc’s office again and hopefully I will be released, for good!
Have you ever had runner’s knee? What’s been your rehab? I’d love to hear just to know how other people are going through or have gone through rehab! 🙂
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Sick Saturday, no really…

As I lay here in bed, sick as a dog, I start thinking about the last couple months of my life. My little Felt B14 fell off the rack which led to my spending money… Some of this I believe is because I’m lonely & it’s a good (really, not so much) outlet for me! And by little, I mean the B14 is in the shop, getting fixed up – her new to us aero bars came yesterday but the HEDs are so much sleeker than the Profile Designs that came on my new to me (no more than 10 miles ridden, or so I’m told) Fuji D6 2.0 so I’m contemplating a switch-a-roo. I’ve managed to find a new Rotor Crank set with Q Rings to replace the current set up on the 2.0. And of course, I bought new straps for my old bike rack & bought a nee rack that has all the bells & whistles!

So as I said, one small accident has led to some money being spent – however, I’m looking to sell the B14s race wheels as they’re 650s & I’ll be on 700s. The rack with its new straps will be sold. And eventually, I will sell my beloved B14 after I transition over to the 2.0. Ahhhhhhh! That’s a lot going on. My house looks like a UPS shipping center with all the boxes! Lol.

This week, I found out I have Patellafemoral Pain Syndrome. We only figured out what was wrong because a little over 2 weeks ago, I stepped off the golf cart wrong! It sounds like it would have really shown its ugly self at some point so I’m taking it as a blessing that we can treat it now before really getting into training for the Goofy & Ironman Texas. The other thing is, the right side is showing signs too… Ugh. But because of early detection, we can treat both – I have physical therapy 3 times a week & we’re hitting the water starting Monday.

I’ve started taking Osteo Bi-Flex for my joints & to help restore cartilage – my PT is concerned because of the amount of popping in my knee joint. And before I went, I had ordered some compression gear from 110% Play Harder – in that order, I had something picked out for my knee – there was instant relief last night when I put them on & I loved the little ice pouches… this will be key in my recovery program with PT. Other good news is I can still pool run (which I just started) & swim.

I’ve been disappointed that I haven’t been able to train or race a lot because of my unfortunate circumstances! But with every down, there is an up. Sometimes it just takes a while to get there.

We moved in a couple thousand first year students Wednesday – the baby Bulldogs are officially getting acclimated to Mississippi State life! Little sleep & long hours make the stress well worth it to see excited students on campus! (in case you didn’t know, I’m an Area Coordinator that oversees 6 housing facilities on State’s campus, 5 graduate students who oversee the residence halls report to me & they are phenomenal rock stars!!)

What I’m thinking today is there have been so many stressors in my life (including starting a long distance relationship after almost 2 years, not seeing my family in Ohio, etc.) that I think my body finally said screw you! lol.

I seriously keep to a routine & that has been completely broken the past couple months – I know it’ll all work out but damn, can we quit throwing stressors my way?! lol. Injuries, bikes, life… It’s time to find my balance again. It’s been hard because I’m a work hard, play harder girl & the play harder hasn’t been happening & kind of de-railing my mojo!! lol.

When life gets in the way, what do you do to balance? (hopefully it’s not getting flu-like sick, like me…to get you back in check) let me know – I’d love to hear from you!!

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