The Bike & The Road…

You know I’ve been dealing with some real jerks when it comes to sharing the road. I realize there are two different types of cyclists – 1. actually being those who are cyclists and know the laws and 2. others that give the rest of us bad names (I see these people on the island all the time on their beach cruisers).

Recently, I had a little crash followed by almost a crash. The first one involved someone slamming on their breaks in front of me and in an effort to save me and my bike, I had to break hard and then I couldn’t un-clip fast enough resulting in a little road rash. Oops. I at least had the car next to me ask if I was okay and the people behind me didn’t hit me so thank goodness they weren’t distracted drivers. Ugh. I wanted to check out the bike so I made a right and then had a left into the Wal-Mart parking lot. I was obeying traffic laws and patterns. Got in the left hand lane to turn my left and wouldn’t you know it some woman decided she was turning right on red right in front of me. I need a new bike, that’s known, but I won’t sacrifice my body to do it; so I was yelling (and my voice is loud!) but she just went on her merry way. I could have totally followed her to her parking spot however, I felt it would have been useless. One woman was shaking her head, yea she saw me and heard me… all I could do was shake my head in disbelief… I mean I was wearing a neon yellow tank over my kit… I was visable, I had the right away – that incident ticked me off more than the other did. And of course, all of this happened within a short 1/4 mile or less distance from each other. It’s not like I was making a left on red crossing over a couple lanes of traffic (like some bikers I’ve seen, cough. cough.)

Just a little scrape... reminded me of being a kid again - just a pricier bike and I'm a lot older! ;)

I checked my bike out, it was okay. I was scraped up on my knee and my back hurt but I “Bettied Up”! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do… I rode for a couple hours and then went home. It was slower than usual because I was a little terrified of people driving. Rightly so! I got home, washed the whip and then cleaned myself up.

Before turning around to head back home.... I stopped and stretched it out a bit...

I truly hate that it’s always the cyclist fault when in this case, it absolutely was not. I’m not an idiot out in traffic, I stick to the right or the very large birm on 146. I don’t run lights, I wait like you’re supposed too but some people need to learn to share the damn road! People die from accidents from distracted drivers all the time… should this have happened, probably not. The facts are, it did and it was a good reminder to me to always PAY ATTENTION because if I’m not playing defense for myself out there, no one else will.

A couple days later, I was in the doc’s office being told 2 weeks off and take these meds for a terrible back spasm… I took 3 days off and then I did light workouts the next week and a half. It’ll be okay (Apollo, our oldest boxer doesn’t think so…see below). I thought she was being conservative! haha. 5150 Galveston is coming fast and I need to make sure that I am ready to go!

"Oh Mom, Stop It!"