Update & Wise Words from Amazing People!

So it’s been a while since I blogged… lots going on with being on-call to working, and today is our big State v. LSU game so I’m at home resting before I head back out tonight to meet the Tri Club Team to clean up the stadium. Anyways, Physical Therapy has been going great. I was allowed to run a bit Monday night and unfortunately it didn’t go as we had planned… after a mile, the ole knee gave out. But it was a test run since I was going to the MD the next day, we wanted to see where I was at. 

I met with my sports med clinic Tuesday and was told no running for ANOTHER 6-8 weeks and I’m transitioning to self home therapy starting tomorrow. I can still bike on the trainer and swim (update, the waterproof ipod and headphones have been sent after over a month of waiting – YES!) but I was encouraged to stay away from running. As this has all happened, I am contacting my contact at RunDisney to defer my entry to the Goofy Race & a Half Challenge because I should be up to running 13 miles by this time in my training plan. It’s worth the extra 35-45 bucks to do this and it’s giving me peace of mind to rest my knee. I’m looking forward to heeling for my training for Ironman Texas! 

With that said, I went to my Facebook and Twitter peeps to ask them for any advice they have to give for impatient athletes; who as my teammate Susan says is… “So hard to step aside and repair your body when the mind is saying “let’s roll” – so much truth to that! But I got some good feedback and I think it’s important to pass along as I know we all have injuries at some point… so here’s some take aways that I wanted to share:

  • Every day brings a new challenge and of course, chicks dig scars haha (Ryan, one of my former resident’s & college football player) – it’s probably a good thing I’m not looking at surgery! But Ryan is right, the ladies dig the scars and want to know where they came from! lol.
  • Josh, who is one of the guys I basically grew up with from diapers had some great insight! He too is a former college football player and has had his share of injuries. He said: “5 years of college football 19 years total, Was pretty much hurt the entire time. Depressing at times, but if you love what you do it isn’t going to stop you or even slow you down. I wouldn’t trade my aches and pains for the world. 3 herniated disc with numbness as I write this but I still would do it all over so keep pushing because Its apparent you love what you do.”
  • One of my fellow VMR teammates, Kathy, was involved in a bike crash and has been an inspiration to the triathlon community in New Orleans. She wrote, “Donna, for me I had to go through the seven stages of grief. Denial and Isolation were the first. I remember about a month after my bike crash still thinking that I would be able to be ready for Ironman Florida. I may be healed up now but I’ve had to accept that getting back into shape is going to take more time that I thought. You are young and strong and have plenty of time before your big race in May. Take care of yourself now and follow the doctor’s orders as hard as that may be.”
  • After volunteering Kathy to let me bend her ear, lol, Susan, VMR teammate said, “The more patient you can be with yourself right now the better off you will be in the future. I usually gain new training modalities, new friends and a new outlook when I am forced to sit out due to injury.”
The takeaway I got from everyone is this: patience is key, there will always be challenges, loving what you do will give you the drive to push through, listen to those paid professionals, it’s okay to have to work through the mental game (or thoughts) and good can come out of taking time to relax and rest to repair your body.  No one likes bad news but at the end of the day, as my Mom hoped, I’ve made peace with what is going on and I hope if your battling an injury, you will too!