It’s been a SHIT SHOW!

I’ve been battling this whole issue of not being able to train like I want to, feel I need to, etc. etc. It’s been awful! I keep thinking about stepping off the golf cart and hearing the pop & feeling the pain. I’ve been in Physical Therapy for a little over 2 weeks now. In those couple weeks of attempting to build my muscles back up to hold my knee cap in place, I’ve heard more popping, creaking, and felt more pain that I want to – it’s in the back of my mind that this could be worse and I may need an MRI to really figure out what’s going on (only x-ray done on first appointment).

This all makes me nervous for a couple of reasons. 1. I have the Goofy Race & a 1/2 Challenge coming up in January and time is running out for recovery from any injury. I need to be in serious training mode and let’s face it my season was a shit show from moving, to new job, to bike falling off rack, to having the shittiest race ever (not good considering this is my last race going into a couple big ones next year), buying a new bike, to injury. 2. I have Ironman Texas in ’12 and my plan was to be doing a 70.3 training plan in an effort to build my base to work well in training for the 140.6. 3. If it turns out to be my meniscus, I fear surgery and all will go to shit in a hand bag.

Now, in an effort to turn the shitty attitude around, I’m meeting early in the morning with my PT doctor and hoping to hear good news however, there have been no improvements to report. I’m still hopeful she’ll tell me when I pick up my bikes (the dark horse & the blue bad-ass biatch) this weekend that the trainer is a good idea. Fingers crossed. I’ve been taking time for me in the evenings – Dustin has Stella this week (he had surgery last week and I’m heading back down for the holiday, so she stayed and I got to drive home alone :(). Reading a book has been high on the list to distract myself and it’s working. I’m also working ahead on some projects so I can completely enjoy Hawaii come October. This with some small core workouts have been keeping me distracted. I’m planning on working out with the MS State Triathlon Team tomorrow night at swim practice. They are hosting an off-road triathlon this weekend, The School of Hard Knox 15.6. Head on out if your on into some mountain bike triathlon action – I’ll be there before heading to NOLA!

Also check out one of my buddies blogs… Mr. Austin is doing a great give-away on a set of pink H2O proof headphones… yeahhh buddy! Way to think of the ladies! I will be doing another one soon for the month of September… because I feel like it’s going to be a good month and training should resume and recovery is important! 😉

If anything, I am relearning patience and tri’ing to keep a positive attitude about everything. Life is tough and sometimes plain out shitty but it’s my shit and at least I’m living my life! 🙂 Any other suggestions on maintaining a positive attitude or distractions throughout injury recovery? I’d love to hear from you!