Well, I got busy yesterday and actually decided to sign up for a race! First one since Ironman Texas – I’m so excited! With the move, packing, job searching, and all the other stuff coming along with it, I had to put some stuff on the back burner but now, I’m excited to announce I’ve sign up for the Atlantic City 1/2 Marathon!

Courtesy of http://www.acmarathon.org

With less than 45 days away, I’m focused and getting my workouts in! It is so exciting to have something to works towards again and it’ll help me out for my Disney Goofy Challenge as I plan on doing 7 miles the day before… I feel it’s important to treat it like a training run even though it’s a race! 😉 My energy is going up and I am in a better mood and I believe this is showing to all those I encounter! It’s also a plus that this race is in my backyard and it appears the turnaround for the 1/2 marathon will be on the boardwalk near our house! Maybe some neighbors will come out and cheer me on 🙂

In other news, I’ve had fun trying to write this little blurb having the lap dogs on me (yes, they’re boxers and at least 90 pounds) but it’s nothing but love!

Apollo (L), Mylee (R) – Stella’s napping on the other end of the couch

Happy tri’ing everyone! Or as I approach the winter months – Happy Runnin’ Y’All!!

All I got was A LUMP OF COAL!

So this past week, I’ve been a traveling diva… starting last Wednesday, I got a long delay at the Birmingham, AL airport – after a 2 1/2 hour drive to the airport. I walked around for a while and then sat at the bar because that’s what you do when you have a delay. It was raining when I got to Philadelphia and for some reason, I couldn’t find Dustin in the big, red jeep. That made for some tempers – if you e ver fly into F and it’s your first time, they can pick you up by going through the departures… just saying! You don’t have to cross the crosswalk that I had no clue existed. So we drove to Dustin’s parents house that night – of course the pups couldn’t all get along. Apollo has to keep separated from his son, Diezel. So we were in PA for a couple days before heading over to the Ohio countryside… Dustin had no clue what he was in for! lol. The city boy had a taste of the country – I had him in the barn with me Christmas night while I was getting my arm workout cleaning horse stalls… I don’t know what my Dad was thinking when he bought a poop pick that weighs about 12 pounds… nonetheless, I got my arms in that day! 

It was a great trip home and Dustin made sure I got a BIG LUMP OF COAL…. well, not really but it has pin-striping on it that kind of reflects like coal does. 

At first, I thought it was going to be a book of payment stubs for his new car… seeing an envelope from USAA… believe it or not, this took me a couple minutes and there was no phone a friend on Christmas Eve around midnight (we left for Ohio at 6a Christmas morning).

 The next box I opened was a gray cold weather gear from UnderArmour from ‘Dustin’ but he didn’t remember getting it for me… lol. So he went down to the tree for another box where after I solved my ‘words with friends’ puzzle and I found this…

 Then Dustin asked if I was ready for my BIG present and I said sure… when he brought it up, I was kind of really speechless and my mouth dropped open because I could not believe what I saw! He got me a Villy’s Custom and she is flashy!! He made a couple tweaks to the original bike – like changing out the cup holder that now has the glittery, black pin-striping on it! I even have a PINK CHAIN! I think I am still in shock because I was NOT expecting this… I figured a new pair of Newton’s or something tri related… not fun related!

Photo Credit: Villy’s Customs

So I must have been an extremely good girl this year! 😉 I did receive some BLACK & PURPLE ZEBRA UA cold weather gear and some other cold weather stuff (it’s colder here than where I was!)… I think we could call my Christmas theme this year FLASH! For the most part though, I got business clothes that will be put to good use hopefully in the near future as I begin looking towards a new chapter in my life!  My Villy’s will head to Atlantic City where I will be finding a really good lock for her and using her for a lot of our ‘travels.’ The house is really only a block and a couple houses from the boardwalk and the beach. 

After driving through snow, rain, and me ‘breaking’ Dustin’s new car, we went to Atlantic City so I could see the new place. Location is great and we took a run Wednesday on the boardwalk before I had to head back to the airport – it was a pretty good one (although, I think Dustin’s concerned with me having a 1/2 in January) … We got to see lots of people having fun and giving us looks like are they crazy?! We did see 3 other runners our there, older men and we exchanged happy new years…. all in all I can see it being a great running spot for me & with all the people, great motivation!

What were some of your lumps of coal for Christmas?! I’m curious!! 🙂 I hope your holiday’s with loved one’s were as special for you as they were for Dustin and myself!