About Me

In 2009, I was living in New Orleans, Louisiana. I was right across from the beautiful Audubon Park and had a street car line that was always buzzing with runners. I met a guy, Dustin Bernatovich and started running… running turned into wanting to do triathlons because they didn’t look that hard.

I bought the bike and all the gear in the spring of 2010. Completed my first sprint. Then my first Olympic distance in Key West. Then in 2011, I did my first 69.1 – swim was cancelled because Lake Pontchartrain didn’t want to cooperate that day. I completed my first Ironman in 2012. I never once looked back.


Dustin has a lot to do with my triathlon journey. He was always my biggest supporter and cheerleader. The one who would always find me on the course. The one who always called to say ‘You’re going to do great, love you.’ He was taken too soon but will always be there to push me and motivate me in spirit.

The sport has given me so much. Amazing friends that are now like family. A challenge which I embrace with each training session and race. And happiness to be out there doing what I love to do!

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Now I live in Galveston (yes, the one that has Ironman 70.3 Texas), with my two rescue boxers, Stella and Kaleo. We live on island time and love the breeze off the Gulf and hearing the ocean everyday.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sandy calapan

    Found your blog searching for athena class race results…crazy!!!
    I am doing Galveston 70.3 in April 2015, are you doing it again? I too work at UTMB in the MICU.

    1. Hi Sandy! Thanks for stopping by… I plan on doing it, right now… but, it depends what I end up doing for an Iron distance race next year. If it’s Texas, I’ll have to pass on it but I’ll be there to cheer people on (as we will host a house full of triathletes again!) 🙂

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