What a Race! IM70.3TX Re-cap

This has been a long time coming. But there’s a big year ahead!

I just raced Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3 Texas this past Sunday in Galveston. It’s the first time I felt solid in a long time! I was there surrounded by the the best team ever… in case you didn’t hear, we’re all in with Moxie Multisport this year. I’m still being coached through AJ Baucco Coaching however, I am now with the amazing Lesley Smith who has helped me so much this off-season!

Dustin and I rode our bikes and dropped them off in transition on Saturday and then headed to the TriTats Social Media Meet-Up. We had a blast catching up, in person, as Team (don’t) Messy (with Texas) was ready to take flight the next day.

TriTats Social Media Meet-Up

After that, we headed to dinner with the Moxie familia and it was equally great spending time with everyone!

Onto the race re-cap…

Headed out with the ladies of the 35-39 age group… started out well then took a heal to the nose and was thankful for having my goggles on under my cap. You know, even in my first Ironman when it was a mass start, I never had as violent of a swim as I did Sunday. People were not siting or maybe they were being swept by the current but at one point, I got sucker punched in the jaw by a dude not siting! That one hurt, like in no way did I plan on that happening and who swims with a freaking closed fist anyways!? I teared up and went on. It was an okay swim, not one that I can be like, “yea, that totally rocked!” but more like, okay, cool… “number 1 is out of the way, it always sucks and this time was no different – time to move on!”

T1 – I booked it to T1 passing people along the way… who were walking. It’s a race! Considering having to have my wetsuit stripped, it was pretty fast.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m training on the island more or what, but I did not feel like the wind was that bad. This is one area that has improved in my off-season. I ended up pacing myself out to a 17.25mph which I’ll take. I used my new Enve 8.9 wheelset and I absolutely love them! The key with me, wind, and wheels is staying aero the entire time which I basically did. My fit from Bicycle Speed Shop and Brian is totally on point.

Picked from her tune up looking speedy and ready to roll!

T2 – Dropped my bike, grabbed my shoes and visor and took off. One of my friend’s hit my shoulders up with sunscreen in T2 and then I got more sunscreen from the appliers coming out of T2 – probably half my T time was because of sunscreen! ha. Oh well… at least it kept the burning to a minimum!

Run – I averaged just under 14 minutes a mile and considering last year it was over 16, I think it’s great! I was doing good the first couple of loops and when I went to turn off for the 3rd I felt my left calf getting tight, as to cramp. So I started doubling up on Base salts and Gatorade ASAP. If I felt it trying, I walked, because I knew if it went, I’d be on a sufferfest like I had never felt before. Smiled through it and was happy with the overall runs.

Still smiling, starting lap 3!

This race resulted in a 46 MINUTE PR for me! I was shocked!! Hard, consistent work pays off. Now we’re back to doing a sweat test so we can try to dial in my hydration/calorie intake for Ironman Texas. I didn’t realize that my sweat rate has picked up tremendously since my last one so what was working, isn’t anymore. I’ll try it out at Kemah next weekend during the Olympic and that should be a good test as to how I am adapting (quickly) to the new plan. Lesley is working that in for me and we’ll go from there… 30 short days to tweak everything for Ironman Texas. Craziness!

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