Where has the time gone?

So as I sit here and think about the last time I typed up a blog, I think damn where has time gone? It’s already March and I’m only 13 days out from starting my 2015 multisport season racing San Juan 70.3.

The start of my season is going to be in SJ racing 3/15, Kemah Olympic tri 4/12, and then onto the BIG show racing IMTX North American Championships 5/16!!! Training has been going great and I’m really loving the support from my new team MOXIE MULTISPORT.
My first training block of the season started right after Christmas and to date from last year my swim time has dropped from 1:45 per 100yd to 1:31 per 100yd, bike goal power going into Brasil last yr was 264 watts and this year I’m looking to hold 284 watts at TX, run 5k time last yr 23:38 and now is 21:08.  So all in all my body has been responding nicely. I’m really looking forward to what this season has in store for both Donna and I!!!
How is your training going and how is your body feeling?? Remember listen to your body, you can’t train or race if your hurt or sick…
Also Donna and I are always looking for new healthy meals try, so if you have something new please leave it in the comment section below!!!
I also cant say enough about our sponsors that keep me and the rest of Moxie Multisport at the top of our game!!!
Train hard!

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