One Foot in Front of the Other… then BOOM!

This has been a busy week! Maybe it’s because I started it off with a plan and it totally went crumpled up and went into the trash can… I mean seriously… my training week was completely de-railed! And then the busy week has kind of been work busy but eh outside of it! How did that happen, well, let me explain…

Monday morning, I get up to lift… it was a good lift too! Starting to feel stronger each time and we all know that’s a good thing! I had a doctor’s appointment that morning and went into work a little later than my normal late Monday morning. I was making copies for the class I proxy (or whatever you want to call it), and as I was coming back – BOOM! Man down… my right ankle rolled inside, I prefer to think I quietly squealed when I went down but I had a couple people come out of their offices, “are you okay?” Really, I am not this accident prone but lately, I’m starting to wonder! So I landed on the left knee and everyone was like your knee… they could see the red/purple scarring from my fall a few weeks ago and I was like my knee is not bad at all… that’s old…


I ended up going straight to Employee Health (good thing I work at a hospital). Here comes the wheel chair, a shuttle, and another wheel chair… I was so embarrassed because I was like I rolled it, it’ll be fine (which the right one doesn’t have the wear, tear, and sprains the left one does)… He tapped it a few times, said it’s a sprain. Cool. Then I was told head home for the night, ICE it up and go back to work in the morning because, well, I sit. I bring up training – try for anything and everything… no pool. no swimming. no lifting – not even the arms. no nothing until my follow up and since this was at work, I’m actually listening! So here we are on Friday and I’m still vegging out at home at night, swelling is little to none but there is still pain above my ankle! UGH! I go back Monday for my follow-up and hopefully him saying, yea, keep Rock Taping that bia and you’ll be fine! I have a Turkey ‘n Trimmings 5k to run in Ohio next Saturday with my Mom and Dustin! Priorities people!! No but seriously, I’m listening to the doc because we’re starting to come out of base training for real training and I have 2 big A races to start the season off with so I want to make sure everything is right! 🙂

We all know what I have on tap for the weekend… what about you?!


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