A 5k, Oilman, & Your Thoughts

So the other weekend I was asked by our neighbors if I wanted to do a charity 5k for a local elementary school. Since I needed to do an all out 5k for my upcoming Ironman Texas training plan I figured, why not!! I had a great race throwing down 21:3x and for me to average a 7:08 pace is pretty good. I haven’t seen that kind of pace since 2006ish. While I was there and talking post race, I kinda got suckered into volunteering to race the Oilman 70.3 bike leg for a relay team who had someone get hurt. I figured it’ll be a good ride to do given its mainly the north part of the Ironman Texas course. Since I haven’t ridden over 40 miles since racing Ironman Brazil in May and recently taking 2 weeks off of cycling due to work, I figured I was in for a treat. Overall the ride/race went well. For the first 30 miles I was avg 22.9mph/294 watts and the the final 26 we were on some chip n seal roads and the wind really kicked up. At the end of the ride I ended up avg 19.8mph/284watts. I figured that was pretty good since I hadn’t ridden over 40 miles since May and had primarily been focusing on short course races.

To put things in perspective for me I realized I still can get a lot better on hilly courses and thats one thing I really need to focus on going into Ironman Texas!!!

Also, I’ve been noticing there’s a ton of Multisport teams accepting applications right now…. If you could race on any team, what team would that be and why???

3 thoughts on “A 5k, Oilman, & Your Thoughts

  1. That’s so great! It would be a trip to race for an actual team – have to get this first 70.3 under my belt first and see how I do! You were MOVIN’ during that 5k – very impressive!

    1. Thanks!!! Yea we all have to start from somewhere and have your body/mind adapt along the way. Take each leg of the race as they are separate events and you’ll be there or even farther in no time!! If you have any questions feel free to ask!!!

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