Spot360 – Your PUP needs this!

I just need to tell everyone how excited I am about NoxGear’s Spot360 being on Kickstarter!! I don’t do KickStarter things very often… okay; this only makes my second time to support a company. I’m choosy, what can I say. Most people know about my struggles in finding Stella the perfect harness for our early morning (or late night) running expeditions. The pup loves to run but she’s black with some light brown highlights (brindle) and it is hard to see her!

IMG_1841I put lights on her and have even thought about buying LED lights to manipulate on her current harness until my Mom sent me a Facebook status from NoxGear… it simply said, “is this what you’re looking for?” I instantly replied “YES!!!!!” So I signed up for updates based on this image…


It launched last week and now I’m spreading the word because this is exactly what I’m looking for and I know others have to be too! Here’s the quick skinny… High Profile lighting. Rechargeable Battery. 12 HOUR Battery life (approx.). Can be worn WITH your dog’s own harness or collar. 360 Illumination. Multi-Colors with blinking and steady modes. Extra reflection with the 3M Scotchlite Retroreflective. MACHINE WASHABLE. Adjustable with multiple sizes. Basically, the guys at Nox Gear thought of EVERYTHING for those active people looking to help their pups out…

If you haven’t checked out their kickstarter page yet, you need too! I’d love to see this thing get supported! I wish the timeline was faster especially with Ironman Texas training and knowing Stella will want to go on runs with me (she sees me in spandex and is like “ohhhh, where we going ma?!”) but all good things comes to those who wait! Until then, we will make due with our rigged up harness. ha!

What are you using for pet visibility our on your runs, walks, camping trips, hunting expeditions, etc.?!

Have a great week peeps! -Donna

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