Race Report: 5150 Galveston

I raced 5150 Galveston, Sunday, September 21, 2014. I ended up 2nd Athena, 39 & under – more on that later. I can say supporting Dustin at other 5150 events, I was kind of disappointed in the overall “experience”. Dustin also had me off caffeine for 5 days coming into this race as we were “experimenting” with the overall impact caffeine would have – probably not the best time to try a new system but is there really ever a good time?

Packet Pick-Up & “Swag”
It’s still crazy to me that this is an Ironman event and we received a tech shirt that will probably never be worn because they were men’s and had absolutely no shape to them (not to mention the design), a large reusable bag, and a Perform (which we used race morning before the swim). You think with the amount of money you pay just to race, they could do a little better. I felt bad for the very few vendors out there because not only was there not a lot of people flowing through packet pick up, they offered a race day pick up at no additional charge (who does that unless it’s a smaller race and let’s face it that’s my former life… the expo management side) – so from a competitor standpoint, it’s good… a vendor, not so good.

A few of my favorite things! Betty Designs, Skratch, AquaSphere, Newton Running, & my Fuji D6!
A few of my favorite things! Betty Designs, Skratch, AquaSphere, Newton Running, & my Fuji D6!

For the first time, maybe ever, I find myself excited about the swim! So for a couple of reasons, I’m stoked to tell y’all about this! 1. AquaSphere did a total hook up for me! I posted a picture and asked if anyone had replaced their speed suit zipper and next thing I knew, I was getting one overnighted to me! Complete Awesomeness and so HAPPY I got to use it! 2. Because of the actual swim! Start of the season, at Texas 70.3, I had a 3:28 pace in some pretty crazy conditions. 5150, is the same bay swim – just .3 miles less so it was awesome to see my pace down to a 2:35.  I can’t wait to keep pushing myself in the pool this off-season!

Nutrition/Hydration (prior to entering the water) – SkratchLabs Orange (1 bottle),             1 caffeine free GuEnergy Gel (lemon-lime)

It was fast and flat… and then you got to turn around! ha! Seriously though, I had great speed out, 22-23mph. Winds were 15+mph with gusts into the 20s. At the turn around in Jamaica Beach, you knew it was going to be a battlefield. Wind was relentless! So I shifted down and peddled faster, trying to save my legs for the run. I got back slower than I wanted to but we were also trying a new nutrition/hydration plan with me so that may have played into it a little bit.

Nutrition/Hydration – Skratchlabs Orange – 48 oz., 1 caffeine free GuEnergy Gel (lemon-line) as soon as I got on the bike, 1 Roctane GuEnergy Gel (Island Nectors) at the turn around point.

The run was flat and open at Moody Gardens. I probably would have added in a couple more water stops considering by this time it was 90 degrees out. The wind from the Gulf felt good and offered
a little relief. It was so hot, a guy on the run had issues and then it seemed like they decided oh, maybe we should do a little more… so 2 of the stops got hoses and was spraying runners going by… water wasn’t always cold and I had to ask for ice if I’d see it on the table in the bags… I was hot and over heating and new it. I finished. It was one of my worst runs this season… period.

Nutrition/Hydration – Electrolyte drink on the course and course water, 2 Roctane GuEnergy Gel (Island Nectars)

3rd place with my finishers medal
3rd place with my finishers medal

Awards/Drama/Post Race
a second, is this going to be Dustin’s 5150 experience all over again when he got third and should have been second because someone we knew gave his bib away the night before the race? Afterwards, I saw Dustin, as usual, he was waiting for me and I told him, I needed a few to get myself together so I went back to my bike and packed up only to have to say hi to the girl. I still had some time to me and my thoughts to reflect on the day – it wasn’t really how I wanted to end the season but on the other hand, it wasn’t an easy day out there. So I decided it’s time to focus on next year! I left with a 3rd place medal only to see I was bumped up to 2nd when I checked on-line. An e-mail from them would have been nice stating there had been changes or mistakes or whatever it may have been. I e-mailed them with no response as of yet – that’s really disheartening when this was my first triathlon podium. However, take it when you can take it and smile about it! I ended the season on a good note and now it’s time to move forward!

Celebration beer! 2008 Dogfish Head Fort... Apollo even wanted to try some (but it wasn't for sharing! ;))
Celebration beer! 2008 Dogfish Head Fort… Apollo even wanted to try some (but it wasn’t for sharing! ;))

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