Pre-Race Jitters

We all have those one or two “A” races of the year and mine is coming up so close… like, Sunday. Oh my goodness… am I ready?! I’ve been stress training for the past week, started my taper on Sunday and of course I am analyzing everything! I have the how ever many scenarios playing out in my head…. why isn’t my body recovering like I think it should? Am I still working out too much? Who’s my competition? Why can’t I find information (I thought I was an expert googler!) on some of these athletes? Yea… I’m totally a freak case right now… but that is when you know it means a lot to you and you know you want to have an amazing result!


For me and 5150 Galveston, I want to see myself on the podium for the Athena’s 39 & under and heading to Des Moines, IA next year for 5150 National Championships. I want to know that all this training I have put forth is for a greater good – I know this year I’ve improved and as crazy as it is with my weight gain and all, I am a faster swimmer and biker than I was when I first started… it’s all about the journey. About the improvement. About the will. I know my body will come around (soreness is leaving, back pain is still so-so) and I know it’s going to be one hell of a race come Sunday… until then, it’s ice baths, settling the nerves, clean eating, and hoping for good weather! I’ve done my homework… it’s time to finish the season out with a bang and shoot for the moon… I’ve made the goals – announced them publicly… now it’s almost go time!

Effort-1What do you do during the taper period or to calm your nerves?

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