70.3 Galveston – The Decision

So it’s been a while since I’ve been on here and am going to be more faithful at writing posts – lots of changes have happened! I moved from Mississippi to Atlantic City, NJ to Houston and we are finally settled in Kemah, TX. After a long break after Ironman Texas in 2012, I’ve started training again. We have 5 triathletes coming in this week and I decided, “sure, I can do a 70.3” however, this past week, has been total hell… I’ve maybe hit the lowest point in my body image negativity. I had the knee injury and after a while I think it was an excuse to be lazy. I know I can get through this half Ironman however, thoughts of Texas in 2012 keeps flooding back to me. The guy on the bike who said I could keep up and was a total ass – yea, I smoked him on the bike and he claimed it on the run but I knew what he was saying. The woman who came up to me from a water stop I so remember and said “oh honey, I’m just so worried about you…” I didn’t look bad – I had blisters, deep, nasty blisters on the second loop… and then the others who said what an inspiration I was… damn it people – I gained weight back then… and I may even dare to say, I’m a little bigger now… as much as I want to face those demons from an Ironman past, I don’t think Galveston will be for me. I’m at peace with the decision, difficult conversations have been had this past week and in those conversations I heard inklings of you should have dropped a few pounds, or you can’t do it (trust me, I can). I think if I heard all the crap out on the course again (in addition to what I’ve heard this week), I’d be in a dark hole so deep, I wouldn’t be able to get out so I think it’s best to be proactive here – continue training and find something shorter distance when I’m comfortable in my skin again… I think…

5 thoughts on “70.3 Galveston – The Decision

  1. cbkingery

    Sending you a hug… sounds like a little black cloud is over you. You don’t need the self negativity… you are amazing. Remember that. If this weekend wasn’t right and you felt that, that’s okay.

  2. Hi there! I found your website when looking up “accessory navicular.” Do you have a comment section or email so I could ask for your experience on your surgery? I am a marathoner currently dealing with an accessory navicular. Thank you!

    1. Hi Erin!

      You can e-mail me directly at donna.adams264 [@] gmail.com and I can totally tell you about my experience… it was one of the best decisions I ever made (for the long run)!

  3. erinsibley31

    Hi there! Tried to leave a comment before but don’t think it worked… anyway- just wondering if you have a contact section or email you could share? I am a marathoner and found your site looking for “accessory navicular.” Would love to hear your experience. Thanks!

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