Tea for me?

Wow! November is almost gone! Where did the month go?! Oh I know: running, working, or working! I’m still training for the Goofy but from now until the race, it’s go time… I mean, I’m running the 5k, the half marathon, and the marathon at Disney! I’m so excited! I’m working with Jenny and her Etsy shop, LuckyNumberTutu, for an Alice in Wonderland themed running tutu and tops. Nothing says birthday like a little tea party and it’s my birthday on the 1/2 marathon so I’ll be wearing what I want to!! lol. Of course, I’m pretty excited to get this moving along and get to the warmer weather in Florida!

Now on the work front, I’m so excited because I am now working with Bondi Band as their new Show Manager!! Here’s to keeping organized, booking shows, working with our talented expo workers, and most importantly keeping everyone as happy as possible! What a great American company that is growing and has an absolutely amazing product! Love my Bondi Bands! 

Then I found out yesterday I was named as a new Sweat Pink Ambassador! Stoked to be repping Sweat Pink!

So much good has been going on the past couple of months!

How have you been doing?! Any Alice In Wonderland shirt themes for me?!

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