Goofy Training

So Goofy Training has begun and it is exactly that, Goofy! In case you don’t know what the Goofy is, it happens January 12-13 as part of Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend’s events… to be exact, I’m running the 1/2 marathon on my birthday (1/12) and then Sunday, I’ll be hitting up a marathon… no big deal, right? Ummmm, to be honest, I think this will give my Ironman training a little run for its money – only difference is, I’ll be focusing on running only.

So RIGHT now, my typical week looks like:
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: Speed workout at a track
Wednesday: 4-6 miler
Thursday: 6-8 miler
Friday: 2-4 miler
Saturday: 4-6 miler
Sunday: 8-12 miler
Of course the weekend runs will continue to get longer. To get my body prepared for 
Monday is a day of rest from the weekend training… the thing I’ve learned from my Ironman training was that off day on Monday makes the rest of the week a little easier, especially after putting in long miles. Having my speed workout Tuesday is letting me actually see my results. The rest of the week is just building for the weekend. 
I’m still working on stabilizing my knee as it flares up and it’s just going to have to strengthen and deal. I’ve been having some right ankle issues too from when I rolled it a while ago but with RockTape, we’re pretty good to go! Until I get the added weight off from my initial injury just over a year ago, I think I’ll be feeling the added pressure on these areas! It’s totally true what they say, it’s harder to come off as you get older… DANG IT! Oh well, I’ve been shaping up and getting ready for these running races ahead! A couple 1/2s this fall to prep for the Goofy… is getting me stoked (announcements to come soon)! Now this southerner is going to have to stock up on fall/winter gear!!
Have a great week everyone!! 

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