On the Boardwalk…

So I’ve been running on the boardwalk in the morning and found there are several types of visitors here in Atlantic City…. some hysterical, some annoying, and some well…. they just need some help! So in a Top 6 (there was more but let’s face it, I forgot some of it from this morning) list on this night I need to sleep before my 8 miler tomorrow, I bring you this little gem…

6. No Sports Bra, It’s a PROBLEM – Oh my… Ladies, I do not enjoy thinking “oh my, is she going to give herself a black eye” or “ohhhh, yes honey, you should still wear one even if you think you don’t need too” Everyone should find a fit clinic for sports wear… a lot of bike and running shops are putting these on now and I think it’s awesome!

5. Dressing for YOUR Body Type – I am a firm believer that everyone can dress for their body type & look good! Sometimes they just need that friend that says, “Hey, I’m sorry to say this but your ASS is hanging out of your shorts.” I saw a lotta, lotta butt cheek this morning… and it wasn’t what y’all are thinking, hot, young things – no… women, older than me and I’m happy they have the confidence to wear it but they need to at least think about putting on a Sparkle Skirt while their out there movin’ their booty! Also, some ladies need to not be in denial anymore about their size – sometimes it’s best to look for a looser top to exercise in (I know this because knee injury with weight gain – reality hit at some point for me). Still can have all the function you want with looking and ultimately feeling better about yourself.

4. Beach Cruisers Gone Wild – OMG! It’s horrible! There’s a speed limit on the AC boardwalk but with the swirving, curving, speeding up, slowing down… ugh! It’s like playing a game of Frogger sometimes out there… and for the youngin’s that don’t have a clue what Frogger is, think NASCAR and your trying to cross the track while their coming at you!

3. My personal favorite shirt I found on the boardwalk this morning – “STAY RIGHT, PASS LEFT” It can be a hot mess out there in the morning with the bikes getting their rides in before 10a, runners/walkers, cell phone talkers and morning walkers getting their chats on, families with kids going wild for the beach, the list goes on…. if everyone listened to this guys shirt, it would be heavenly out there… but I guess since I know that won’t happen, I’ll keep my attention focused all around me. 🙂

2. The huge earbuds that look like ear muffs on runners…. why?! Why would you want to wear those things out – 1. It’s a safety hazard – you can’t hear anything but your beats. 2. The sweat in your ears… gross! It has to be bad because you’re sweaty and those things only make you hotter (not in the good looking sense either).

1. The Real Housewives of the Atlantic City Boardwalk – these ladies are dressed to the nines in their spandex, jewels, hair, & make up… usually on the phone or gossiping with a friend. AND, wait for it…. wearing lovely hats that you would see only at the Kentucky Derby! Yes, they are that big and pretty but not at all for for running or even walking with all the wind you encounter on the boardwalk (I wish I had had my camera). I wonder if it blew off, would they have big Snooki hair?!

I may have been harsh, I’m unsure but if you ever come to Atlantic City, at least you know what you’ll see and get into a bit if you’re out on the boardwalk! 🙂 Time for bed… it’s been a great day putting in 4 miles but tomorrow is an 8 miler day… Goofy training is underway and I am already wondering what did I get myself into but I’m stoked about the entire thing!! I’m sure it also helps that the Goofy is over my birthday weekend and my Mom has signed up for the 5k – whooohooo!

6 thoughts on “On the Boardwalk…

  1. ha! I'm glad someone can relate. People in MS want pictures… I don't think they believe me or they too want to have the experience virtually! ha 🙂

  2. I found myself cracking up! Well, except for the big headphones thing. I have TINY ears and the little ones don't fit, so I have to wear bigger ones. 😦 Sucks!Sarahwww.thinfluenced.com

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