Today is the day…

Today is the day that I’m starting back on a real training plan. I’ve been in a funk since Ironman Texas and I think this is the only way to get around it… you know, actually have something to hold me accountable with my upcoming move and getting things wrapped up at work (and maybe do a little stress reduction) because let’s face it, I could probably make excuses with the best of them. 😉 I also have a couple big races in the fall/winter I am looking forward too (Philadelphia Marathon and TRI KEY WEST and then the Goofy) and well, lets not let this whole Ironman fitness level go away!! I’m holding off on summer plans because I need to find employment before I start signing up for races! This is what we call priorities, and I sometimes forget them! I guess I’m finally growing up at 32. haha

Anyways, with the rainy day out and my being on-call (one more week after this week and I’m done with on-call duties!) I believe the trainer is calling my name. I can set my laptop up and continue applying for jobs while spinning a bit! In a little more than a month, I’ll be heading to Atlantic City and moving in with Dustin and our pups will be reunited again – the stressors that are creeping up will certainly be gone between training and I’m sure with this leap of faith, I’ll be able to find a job before heading up north!

Happy Thursday everyone!

3 thoughts on “Today is the day…

  1. Wait… you didn't take 3 months off after Ironman? Oh… I thought that's what you were supposed to do! :)Congrats on getting back to it! You are awesome!

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