Where have I been?

Well, it’s been a long 2012! Lots of training, lots of working, more training, job searching, planning a move (still to be determined where), did I say more training? It’s been a busy year usually leaving me sleepy and wanting to well…. sleep, so I do.

Here we are only a couple weeks out from Ironman Texas… a couple weeks!? I have a big ride planned for this Saturday on the Natchez Trace… it’s almost 6,000 ft of climbs that will have me more than prepared for the course in Texas. This is a crazy race for me because a few years ago (2004-2005), I lived and worked in that area of Houston. It’s like I’m going home. I hated the heat, I hated the humidity, and I’m happy that north Mississippi is preparing me well for the dreaded temperatures that Houston can bring!

So since I’ve been gone from here in a while… like a hot minute… okay, maybe hour…. this sums up my past few months of training… in pictures!

Scenic rides on the Natchez Trace…
Long track workouts … rain or shine…
Long, long hours in the saddle. Pedal arm coming off. Water bottles lost. And well, let’s face it, I may have gotten lost a time or two! 

Battling with wind while biking or running… 

Finding the end of many roads… 
I’ve determined all roads lead to RED DIRT ROADS in north Mississippi… 
And Stella looking out the window many days while I’m out training, 
probably wondering when I will back.
The journey’s still beginning. I’m still not where I should be weight wise going into this thing. Discouraged? Yes. BUT, have I done my homework? Yes. AND thanks to RockTape, my knee has been solid. Minor set backs in the grand scheme of things – I am already planning a redemption 140.6 because I have a feeling I will want it and even need it… but first things first, it’s time to get through the first 140.6 – home my knee holds, my body cooperates, and Mother Nature decides to give us all a little relief on race day – she sure hasn’t made training easy! 🙂
I’m sure nerves are picking up but what the hell, I’m ready for this… let’s defy what people think and say about me… I’m all about proving those wrong who don’t know my story, or just want to judge the book by the cover.  

3 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Ahhh… Donna, this is so exciting! 🙂 Sounds like training has been crazy and let's face it… wouldn't be ironman training if it wasn't! You are ready… and strong… and will have the time of your life out there!!!

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