Out of Pocket

I’ve been a little out of pocket lately. Training and work has been consuming my life! Yesterday, I went running with Stella at North Farm… and let her do her thing. This included not only pacing me but getting super, uber muddy!

She’s crazy! All Dustin could say was, why’d you let her get muddy… my comparison was the beach! lol. But I have to say, I love having her around to run with me… between her and my heart rate monitor, I’m looking not to bad. I logged over 130 miles this week for my Ironman training. I’m feeling great on the bike and hoping the run will come soon. My knee has been great as long as it’s taped up. My feet hurt but let’s face it… they’re gonna hurt! And my saddle area…. ohhhh, my saddle… so many hours are definitely impacting my girly bits – thank goodness for the Hoo Ha Ride Glide!

It’s my off day today… and it started with a 6a meeting on a floor in one of the halls I oversee. So much for sleeping in… so needless to say, I’m looking for a Red Bull – the biggest one I can find!! 🙂

Happy Training!

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