Where the water is blue & there’s always something to do… KONA!

As we come up on a weekend of Ironman training, some of us it’s the first weekend, others have been at it for some time now but I wanted to show you my motivation and inspiration – I know I will never qualify (unless pigs fly) but to be in the spirit of what is Kona was truly an experience I’ll treasure for my lifetime! As many of you know, I attended Ironman World Championships in support of Michael Bernatovich, Dustin’s little brother this past year. The race was a huge part of the experience but so were the days leading up to the race & after it! Many of you wanted to see photos and video I captured there and I have figured out the easiest way possible to do this (finally!)… create a slideshow! So with months of anticipation for some of you, here it is…ENJOY (however, WARNING: this may take a few minutes to get through, video & pics to follow!)!

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