Medal Display Sweepstakes

Recently I had won a giveaway from Running on the Wall. What a great little company based in NYC (and we all know how I like to support small businesses!)! These medal holders are a little homier (well, in my home, they work – soon to be beachy rustic themed) than some I have seen. I was so excited to be getting this in the mail!!

Here’s some information from the web-site about Running on the Wall:

“We are avid runners who run daily in Central Park, NY, have come together to create the perfect gifts runners will appreciate at any time.

Medals Display Racks
Our medals display holders come in a range of sized and colors. What they all have in common is the fact that they have been created by runners, meaning we appreciate the hard work that has gone into winning the medals to be displayed and give our best to ensure high quality and perfect looks for all our creations.

We hand-craft every one of our many designs – over a hundred of them in total – from recycled wood to ensure our activities do not create a negative impact on the environment.

Each gift will be hand painted. Our medals display hangers are not only suitable for runners; we can create them to suit the sport of your choice. 
Truly unique and featuring an attractive shabby, rustic appearance, these gifts can be personalized by adding a name – either your own or that of a sporting friend.”

I had ordered a set, in addition to the one’s I won, for Dustin (since we’re moving in together… I want to make sure they’ll kind of go together ;)). I had worked it out with Running on the Wall to get Dustin one that said Endurance on it however when it arrived there was an oopsie! It said Running and Dustin really just sticks to Duals & Triathlons so I contacted them & they said to keep the one I had. I replied to that e-mail asking how they felt about a giveaway on my blog and they loved it! Running on the Wall has been so easy to work with!! So here is the sweepstakes!! 

Up for grabs: Running on the Wall medal holder that says Running. It’s ORANGE and kind of rusticy looking… with white lettering. Like the one below. 🙂

To enter:

1. Follow my blog and tell me how you would display this!
2. Have any ideas that you would like to see for Running on the Wall? 
3. What are some of your 2012 goals for running?

Entry & Shipping is only valid in the United States. Please write each entry in a separate post. Winner will be selected at random on December 10, 2010 at 5:00pm. 

Good luck and happy training! I know I’m getting my runs in for my 1/2 marathon in January and possibly adding another one to the plate my birthday weekend… so happy to be back doing what I love!!

5 thoughts on “Medal Display Sweepstakes

  1. I've been eyeing these for the past few months. Love them. I finally added one to my Christmas Wishlist. When I asked D where I should display it he promptly said, "Our dining room". Grateful for such a supportive husband.I've like them on Facebook and added them to my Banana Buzzbomb Facebook page too. =)

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