I was recently tagged by Heidi at Banana Buzzbomb  The deal originally was (she changed it to like 21 things – I don’t have that much to say about myself!): The tagged blogger tells us 7 random facts about herself/himself and then tags 15 more people to do the same.  And because I like learning more about other people, I’m assuming for some reason people want to know more about me?! lol. And don’t judge – I rounded it up to 8… a nice, even number! ha!

#1 I’ve been fortunate enough to have a pony or horse pretty much my entire life. I showed 4-H & open shows before going to the big leagues of the Quarter Horse circuit. There pretty much wasn’t a weekend we weren’t on the road… there really is no off-season when showing horses! lol. I’ve shown at the Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, OH and in 2003 was 6th in the Queen’s Horsemanship when representing the Ohio Quarter Horse Association while showing my sister’s mare, Bobbi Bar Time. Never did I qualify for the finals of a major class or the World Show with any of my horses, close but not cigar. Now my mare, Hey There’s That Bay, or Sophie, lives a super, happy, fat life in the field at my parent’s place in Salineville, Ohio. She’s loving the field with Bobbi, & one of Bobbi’s babies, Bodi.

#2 I ran high school track and was a cheerleader. Had trouble’s being a football cheerleader because I got to involved in the game… like many spectators. Since I had to control myself too much, that lasted a year. Basketball was easier. I was a long distance runner in track – Mile, 2 Mile, 4×800, 800 and my junior/senior year, I was a long jumper and would occasionally run some of the longer sprints… I guess I was kind of versatile. lol. Not until I was 29 going on 30 did I start taking my fitness seriously again. Now I only wish I could run some of those splits I used to run! lol.

#3 I am teaching myself how to like fruit. Yes, I’m weird. I only like my veggies…. at almost 32, fruit is coming along. I’m such a picky girl!

#4 I have been with my boyfriend, Dustin, for over 2 years. We had our first date at Balcony Bar in New Orleans and then he flew out to watch Penn State lose to Iowa… that’s how I remember our anniversary because it was pretty much at that time we were together… I knew and he knew soon after. Although, I did tell him when he met my parents at about month 4 “I don’t know why I’m introducing you to them, this will be over within the next couple of months – I have an expiration date, it could be you or it could be me but it’ll be right around 6 months.” Well, that obviously didn’t happen and I’m so glad it didn’t! You’ve heard about this guy a lot and don’t worry, that conversation piece won’t go anywhere soon! He’s transferring bases to Atlantic City, NJ where he’ll continue being a Helicopter Rescue Swimmer for the U.S. Coast Guard. We’re planning the next moves for our relationship and I kinda like it! 😉

#5 I have a weakness when it comes to GU Island Nectars Roctane. It’s true. I stockpiled so much when it was a limited edition, I would be willing to bet I aided significantly in it becoming a full-time flavor! lol

#6 I miss Ohio sometimes, like when it comes to Amish cooking. I went to college in both Wooster & Ashland, Ohio… let me tell you – there is no better comfort food!!  (It was always good to stop at the Smucker’s store on the way home too! Now their Uncrustables are a mainstay in my marathon, 70.3, & 140.6 training).
#7 I had more crap happen to me before the age of 22 that I care to remember however, I do. You name it, I can probably relate to you on some level. Working with college students, my ups and downs through undergrad have helped make me a relate-able person and often one who is confided in. It’s good and sometimes it’s hard on me, depending on the topic, but that you will never see because I won’t show it. Yes, that is me. You will either take the good, bad, and sometimes ugly or not. I don’t judge because you never know a persons background… as you still have a lot to learn about me! lol. (trying to lighten the mood up!) 

#8 I don’t tolerate crap in my life. If your a drama time person, chances are, I’ll cut you out at some point. If your unappreciative of what others will do for you, then I’ll probably cut you out (I’ve cut a close friend or 2 out because of this crap while at their weddings… I don’t do bridezillas.) I will tell you exactly what I think… if you have something in your teeth, I’ll be the person who tells you… on the other hand, if I don’t agree with what your saying or think you need to look at something holistically, I will tell you and you might not like it. Deal with it, I’m a 32 year old who think she’s earned her right to tell you exactly what she thinks. 

Now, I could go out there and tag some peeps but I think it’ll be funner if we go ahead and let you tag yourselves! leave a comment in the comment field and I’ll be sure to let everyone know YOU TAGGED YOURSELF! (I’m not a pusher ;))

Happy training!

5 thoughts on “I was TAGGED!

  1. 🙂 thanks for joining in! Loved learning more about you. Especially that you have a history with horses. Me too! I rode from the ages of 9-17. My last horse was Ima TwoEyed Whimp. He was a quarter horse palomino. We showed in northern Ohio and were this close to going into the palomino circuit but chose not to. I enjoyed riding too much and knew I wouldn't appreciate the competitiveness. Not to mention he had quite a free spirit. I miss riding, but you're right, no free weekends, etc. Then again with racing it's not like I have a free weekend anyway 😉

  2. I was tagged already but I saw that you were tagged and was excited to read yours.The horse thing is crazy!! My Mom was a horse trainer and showed so I basically grew up on the show circuit-yes, QH's. She went to the Congress a couple times and to Fredrickton(Cananda)a lot. I showed till I was 13 or so, I got bored with it.so with ya on #8!!If you want to read mine it's up

  3. Great list!Mmm… Amish cooking! I will have to say that I'm going to miss that when I leave Ohio. But that's about all I'll miss (besides family and friends of course!)That's super cool that you've always had a horse. I know that the QHC is HUGE here!!!Love the story of your boyfriend and looking forward to hearing what the next "stage" might be! 🙂

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