Deferring… the Goofy.

Well, it’s official. As excited as I was to take on the Goofy’s Race & a Half Challenge, I’ve had to defer for a year. 2013 will be my time… well, it better be! Working with runDisney was easy to do this relatively new process they have! I know mine was for an injury that plaqued me from late July until the past couple weeks when I was finally released however, if you have a race you planned to do with runDisney, you are now able to forgo it for a year or sign up for another race – however, if that race is less expensive you will be out that money – BUT… you can use this option for ANY reason, no questions asked. I chose to re-sign for the 2013 Goofy & plan on rocking it out!!

Now with any new process, there are exceptions. I had learned from a former resident of mine (who is currently interning with runDisney) that there would be a $35 fee to change my entry. The kicker with it is that you have to enter with the FULL entry and then runDisney will refund you the balance minus your $35 bucks… on your original card – so if you switched up the bank card as I did, this will go on the original card. I thought about it for a while and the only reason I can come up with is maybe with the registration through Active, they have it listed as the DEFERRED Goofy now and will switch it over to the regular Goofy in an effort to make the entry listing easier which would be why you have to pay the full amount… I’m not sure – COMPLETELY IDEATING here… luckily – I had the money to do that… I’m sure some people were not as fortunate as let’s face it, times are tough and races are expensive and the Goofy is well a Goofy price but I know it will be worth it when I get to do it!

I want to thank runDisney for offering this option. I know it’s new and kinks are still working out but I feel so much better about not losing my entire entry fee! 🙂 For those of you heading that way this January – I’m completely jealous and can’t wait till it’s my turn!!

I will be running the Frostbite Half Marathon in Starkville, MS on January 21, 2012 – I know I’ll be ready for a 1/2… but a 1/2 & a full the next day, I need to hold off a remain injury free for IMTX! (and with a $30 entry, in my town, SIGN ME UP!)

So I guess as I’m still planning my 2012 race schedule, I’m able to easily realize there will be no off season in 2012… much like 2011 in building my base back up, losing the injury weight, and starting prep for Ironman Texas. It’s gonna be a great year in ’12 – I’m excited for the races and upcoming changes!

And to those of you running it – please make sure you share your bling when you get it on the Tri ‘n Tri Again Facebook page in January! I want to hear about it ALL! Happy Training for the Goofy or any other wintry races you may be planning! By the way, what are some of your wintry race plans?!

5 thoughts on “Deferring… the Goofy.

  1. It is nice that the offer the deferral now (even if it is a weird accounting process…). I know a few people who signed up for various Disney races and were unable to compete for one reason or another and were just out the money. It is especially nice since the race is pricey to begin with!

  2. Oh Donna… I know that's a hard choice, but you made the right one! And luckily, Disney is awesome and will let you change (for a small fee!) Wish I could have met you, but I'll definitely share my bling! 🙂

  3. Of course it got weirder. It's $330 and some change with fees… my refund receipt showed $350 with the $35 from Disney and then it's not enough Active gets your registration fee, they also charge you a refund fee… so you actually lose $55 by deferring because of that weird $350 thing… (it shows up as $75)… I'm confused typing it out! ha! Colleen I'll be heading to Ohio for a race or two… if you go back to Rev3 Cedar Point, I'll be there! 🙂 WE WILL MEET! lol. Jen – DO IT! I'd love to know I'm in pain with someone else – I decided I'm running the Philly marathon next November… I think it'll be a perfect addition to the Goofy training! 🙂

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