Lottery Time…. who’s gonna win?!

In finding out the past couple of weeks that Dustin is being transferred to a different Coast Guard base, we’ve started looking at races in the northeast as he’ll be stationed in Atlantic City. Yep, this means our long distance relationship is looking a lot longer… and instead of a drive… it’ll be a flight. So we’re getting that all figured out too… because let’s face it – it’s expensive being in a relationship, let alone a long distance relationship with 2 people with a habit of triathlons!! lol. So in time, I’m sure I’ll have another post about how we’re going to manage everything! 🙂 Enough about that….

Today, we registered for the NYC Triathlon lottery… now, over the next couple days, we’ll get to wait patiently to see if we got in!!! Here’s hoping so… I have family in the area that could be out to support and I’m sure my parents wouldn’t mind coming to NYC from Ohio to see their eldest daughter. 🙂 It’s my first lottery to apply for so here’s to fingers crossed for the girl who never wins fun stuff! lol

In other news, the sweepstakes winner for the Kona tee was taken by: wait for it… yep, JenniferLeah – you got what you wanted! And there was no competition… what the heck?! lol.

Have a great week of training everyone! Week 1 is in the books for this gal after being released from the MD… life is good and I’m a little sore but I LOVE the PAIN!

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