My Halloween Ghosts…

So Thursday I was released from MD and I’ve gradually started training the way I want to but for some reason there is a mental block there. I don’t know if I feel my ass has expanded so much over the past 10-12 weeks that I don’t want to have the jay rays (judgement rays) or if it’s I had such a bad last race before the injury or if it’s fear of failure as I start building my base back up in preparation for Ironman Texas.

As a female, we are always self aware of our appearance… when out at Kona for Ironman World Championships, people seemed VERY surprised I was going to do IMTX. Maybe some of the emotions got to me out there being amongst the best. I don’t really know but I feel like I’m carrying around these ghosts with me – Bad Race Ghost, Bad Body Image Ghost, Fear of Failure Ghost, and the Bad Injury Ghost (my runner’s knee is still healing & I was told not to do long distance running… what does that mean?! 2,4,6, or 8 miles? No, I didn’t get a definitive answer).

Now I know that this may be the off-season however, I’m not really getting an off-season. I’m planning a couple 1/2 marathons in the winter/spring, and flying to a couple early season races to prepare for May’s D Day. I need to figure out how to get rid of these ghosts before it’s too late! I’ve gotten back on the horse easily when falling off, so I don’t know why I can’t get back on my game right now and it’s driving me crazy! HELP! I know I’m not the only one going through the ‘come-back’ 🙂

Soph’s pretty tall & I’ve gotten right back on her after falling from a jump… possibly hurting my head.

Don’t forget this week, I’m drawing for my Kona tee giveaway… it’s pretty sweet! You won’t find this shirt anywhere!

3 thoughts on “My Halloween Ghosts…

  1. I'm going through the comeback too and it's hard… really hard! I think you were smart to get some things on the schedule! :)You know… I struggle with all too many of those ghosts – we are our own worst critics. Just know you aren't alone and that you are stronger, tougher and more beautiful that you will ever give yourself credit for! 🙂

  2. What is with the doctors and not knowing what short means? Once you've run a marathon, 13 miles is just a morning well spent.I think you'll banish your own ghosts with a little sweat. Of course getting to the sweating part may take a healthy dose swearing!

  3. Thanks Colleen! How's your recovery coming? And how was IMFL?? At least we have snowy, cold winters to get back on the right foot! lol. Why can't the ghosts be more like Casper?!JP – I know it! Going through marathon training this spring… I'm like come on… I need specifics not just go with it! I have a potty mouth so the swearing come pretty naturally! I'll have a good dose of it coming tomorrow! 🙂

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