So yesterday, we started out our day with a swim at the swim course… I ended up heading out for about 750 yds open water and felt as though I should have headed onto the coffee boat (that’s the plan Friday). This was a beautiful swim, started out cloudy and then it opened up to where you could see the fish and coral reefs below you… absolutely amazing!

 It was a little crowded but who cares, I’m in Kona and getting an opportunity to swim with the best of the best in the WORLD!

Early in the afternoon, we headed to Cycle Station to pick up our rental bikes… I have a little Kestrel I’m using out here… and as soon as I signed my life away, we headed out on the Queen K. She can be one nasty stretch of road between the old lava fields retaining heat, the wind out of nowhere that could take your bike right out from under you, and that isn’t even talking about the hills and unpredictable conditions.


After the Queen K ride of 2.5 hours, we all headed back. Dustin and I headed off to the slowtwitch.com event and it was beautiful way to finish our Wednesday night! We met some amazing athletes from all over the country and learned a few new things too (yep, we’ve been talking power meters…again… this time with athletes who have them!)
Slowtwitch.com announcing winners to their giveaways
Backyard of the event, it was beautiful!

Dustin & I taking in the ocean view… 

Today, brought the famed UNDERWEAR RUN! It was crazy and completely loaded with lots and lots of great underwear & underwear costumes. Because I did so much on my knee yesterday, I opted out this morning (going back on the Queen K tomorrow). But I did get some great pictures that don’t need any captions! lol.




 So there ya have the underwear run. We’ve done some shopping and been able to hear some of the pros talk which has been pretty badass! There is #bikeporn everywhere! 

One last thing before I sign off, I was talking with Kimberly at NUUN and I’m pretty stoked for a couple things in their pipeline 🙂 DRINK YO NUUN PEEPS!!
Signing off in Kona folks… have a great day!

2 thoughts on “BUSY-NESS IN KONA!

  1. LOVE the RWB shirt at the Slowtwitch event!! Caught a glimpse of the back of it on their site! Thank you SO much to Dustin for wearing it out there–the word is getting OUT because of people like y'all! Looking forward to seeing you at IMTX!

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