Tuesday in Kona!

I know, I know – I said I would report everyday that we’re here for Kona & IM World Championships… but of course on the way out Sunday, from New Orleans, we had issues – with our flight. Thanks US Air for helping Dustin & myself out! We finally made it in 6 hours after we were supposed to! Folks, please make sure you have at least an hour layover or you could end up in the position we did – 33 minutes in Phoenix is not enough! (You have to change terminals and end up going back through security… yes, this can cause issues). I was rocking out my 110% Play harder calve sleeves on the ride over to Hawaii from New Orleans… in a skirt, nonetheless! My feet swelled and a lady next to me was half sitting on me… uncomfortable situation! 
Stopped by 110%. Sun, no makeup, hair not done = vacation, and I DO LOOK BAD! lol

When we arrived, I placed all the support team gear in the rooms… they look great (if I do say so myself)!

Bikers have been out and about and I love that they have signs saying “CAUTION, ATHLETES IN TRAINING” How cool is that!

 Monday we relaxed and caught up on what seemed like no sleep in ages! lol. I want to first say Hawaii is BEAUTIFUL!! Love it and could easily live here! We stopped by the Kona Brewing Co. for lunch and it was fantastic!! Beer was pretty good too! Then we headed downtown to the action… local farmers market, stores, everything you need was there and let me tell ya – the PEOPLE on the big island are kind and wonderful! I ran into 110% Play Harder & got a new Kona shirt (yep, it doesn’t have the m-dot anywhere on it, so it’s completely acceptable!) We bought a couple IM things (Scott Austin has a little something coming for waking up at 3 in the morning to take us to the airport!) and then headed back to the house to celebrate Michael coming into town and his BIRTHDAY!! We’ve also been picking fresh fruit off our property everyday… and let me tell you – IT IS AMAZING!! Avocado trees, mango, papaya, lemons, coconut… I am in heaven!

Today, as Michael and his girlfriend, Allison made their way into athlete check-in (bib number 1808)… Dustin, his family, and myself headed out for a great day of deep sea fishing… it was AWESOME! Lots of time on the water, very relaxing, and we even caught a Mahi (and by we, it was Dustin’s mom, Suzanne, who brought in the fishy!) It was a great day to spend with the support team of his brother… 

If you are in Kona, please make sure you hit up Catchem 1 Sportfishing & talk to Captain Chuck – awesome Captain and just an all around nice guy! (He can also be reached at 808/938-1400) Tell him Dustin and Donna sent you… they’ll know exactly who we are! 😉
Now as the sunset hits Kona, I wish y’all the best in training and/or racing as this has already been a truly remarkable experience and we’re just getting started! I’m going to swim in the Pacific tomorrow and hopefully we’ll see some who’s who of the triathlon world! 
Oh, and don’t forget my Hoo Ha Ride Glide to go packs giveaway! Or if your in Kona, see me race day… I have a couple for you!! 

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