Gear Junky Thursday! Waterproof iPod & Earbuds

So way back in August, I ordered a waterproof iPod with waterproof earbuds, it finally arrived this week!

Now, lets dig into the super cool part because despite the TERRIBLE customer service, I found that I loved the Waterproof iPod Generation 4. It’s small, doesn’t budge on my goggles, didn’t dig into my head… I just thought it was cool. Because of the waterproofing, I have to make sure that I (or anyone else) doesn’t turn it to the off position because it will effect the waterproofing and void my warranty. It came with clips for the earbuds too but I have not used them. They have not dig into my head which was a pleasant surprise and really, I didn’t even notice they were there.

If you order one, you will want to make sure that you have a solid mixed up playlist because what I found (as I was stuck listening to everything Anberlin) was that I couldn’t forward it AND I attempted to budge it to the shuffle however, with the waterproofing, I think it makes it difficult to move so I decided against it and continued listening to Anberlin… which can have some good beats but not really what I was looking for on my swim (I had a new playlist created for me today and it’s bitchin’!!)! Sound was AMAZING! I didn’t even notice the junior high swim team in the 5 lanes next to me a couple nights ago! I was able to get them securely in my ears and took off from there. I would NOT suggest these earbuds for open water swimming because I knew nothing was around me and I am a FIRM believer you should be aware of anything going on around you in open water. Another plus was I have issues with getting water in my right ear… no more water issues. The charger/uploader is TINY… I looked at it like, it’s going to be misplaced – seriously 3-4 inches long so I’ll be guarding it with my life! ha! It is an amazing product and it will be a mainstay in my pool training (PT, Running, & Swimming) and eventually on my rainy day runs (when I’m allowed to do that again).

You are advised to rinse it with clean water after every water adventure with it and then leave it pulled apart (earbuds separate from the iPod) so it can dry. You should not place this in a baggy or probably leave it with your pool gear because, duh, it will not dry due to moisture build up! Care is simple for this product. When you separate it, it blinks for a few seconds and then heads to sleep until the next time you want to use it. I have not had to recharge it yet but I’m doing shorter swims right now so that may be part of it, but battery life seems to be good. 🙂

Now, I need to vent a bit… I’m a little ticked at the customer service and because it was so bad, it is probably a good idea for me not to reveal the company. Here’s how the order went, I placed it August 14, I called two weeks later  & had to leave a message. I called back the next day asking what was going on because I hadn’t seen a shipping confirmation and was curious (I was very polite at this time) – I also let him know that I had called the night before and left a voicemail. He informed me that a couple weeks prior to our conversation they were a MONTH & A HALF behind on shipping and now they were about three weeks behind (for the record, I waited 5 weeks). I told him about my injury and how I was only able to work out in the pool and he pulled it up on his screen and said he would send it out the next day… It had been about 10-12 days when I started calling again, no return call… I e-mailed, no return e-mail… and it was pretty regularly because I was calling to cancel my order – I’m okay with things being delayed but DO NOT TELL ME THAT YOUR SHIPPING SOMETHING & THEN YOU DON’T – BE UP FRONT & HONEST – I gave your over $250 bucks, I want some kind of attention for that money! Then around last Wednesday, I received a notification from PayPal saying my order had been shipped – FINALLY. I’m half tempted to call PayPal and let them know about this company using them as a funding source because I’m sure this is not the type of experience they would want people using their service to have. Needless to say, I will NEVER order anything from this small company again and if they go out of business, I won’t question why because no one should stay in business when they aren’t paying attention to their customers needs/wants or being timely in returning messages. Yes, I’m still waiting to hear from them.

Overall, if your looking for something to wear in the pool to help your workouts go a little quicker, this is a great piece of equipment – small, secure, & amazing sound quality!!

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