Lessons Learned…

This past weekend, Mississippi State Triathlon put on its first ever triathlon, the Skool of Hard Knox 15.6. There were good parts and certainly hard lessons to learn. I think this goes with any part of our lives, we’re continuously learning. When I was showing horses as a youth and into my Amateur years, my horse trainer Art O’Brien and I had a conversation that I will always remember. I was young in my teens and I said to Art, something along the lines of wanting to know everything like he did. He was quick to tell me that he didn’t know everything and that he learned something new everyday and that would be how it would be for the rest of his life. That conversation has obviously stuck with me! I credit him (and my family) with a lot of who I am today in regards to my work ethic, compassion for others, and knowing it’s better to ask questions than to assume – it all adds up to lessons learned (and probably why Art grayed early… it took a while to sink in for me! lol). 
Art, myself, and Sophie – my amazing pony who I’ve had since she was 2. Happily retired now.
This weekend, I was proud of the team members and volunteers we had show up. We had an amazing crowd and participants from all over the southern states. That being said, there were some first time event glitches but at the end of the day, we owned up to the mistakes and will plan better next time. After all,  college students put this event on and lessons will be learned (timeframes, balancing schedules, etc., etc.). There was some great feedback from the athletes and being an athlete I would have addressed some of the same concerns. We will be having a debrief and Sarah (the other advisor suggested & I strongly agree) that there needs to be some sort of document created for future years with checklist items of how to put on a triathlon. Sometimes, the best way to learn is to not have it handed to you or have to learn from feedback received (whether it be from coaches, trainers, peers, etc.) & I know this group will improve this event. 
With that being said, it kind of made me reflect this past weekend on my injury. There are possibilities of coulda, shoulda, woulda but at the end of the day, I’m left with a bum knee. I’ve been able to get an appointment bumped up to September 13 – still a ways off but better than the 22nd. I’m listening to my PT and doing what I’m told to do. I’m asking questions, taking their advice, and working through this. Wednesday, I was told I could get on the bike trainer… today, I finally got back on the horse. It was great! 20 minutes light spinning, built up a light sweat, I felt like I was accomplishing something. As soon as I was done, I iced my knee and it was okay ( a little achy, but okay). I didn’t want to overdo it and I didn’t. I’m still really hoping we can get it back to normal so I can run the Goofy but if it doesn’t happen, it’s okay because my eyes are set on becoming an Ironman finisher.
Mylee & Stella watching me on my new bike! Day 1, in the books.
  After an amazing weekend full of events from the off-road tri to driving down to New Orleans in TS Lee to spending much needed quality time with Dustin and the pups to driving back through TS Lee to be on call for the week at work (so glad MS State football is playing away this week!). Stella stayed with Dustin, Mylee, & Apollo so I am home alone until I head back to NOLA on Oct.1 to fly out the next day to Kona, Hawaii for World Championships! I’m super excited to be cheering on Michael (Dustin’s little bro and lottery winner) and all the other amazing athletes out there! One final thought, my motivation comes from lessons I’m learning a long the way from injuries, to nutrition, to being a person, an athlete, a mentor. But there is one photo I took last year at Ironman Florida (while Dustin was out on the run course) that keeps me going… my path may not be the easiest (at least it seems that way right now) but life throws you curve balls and you just have to roll with them (Art taught me that indirectly on our search to find Sophie) because I will accomplish being an Ironman! 

2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned…

  1. Keep it up girl – I love hearing how it is going for you as I am now in the stages of figuring out what I want to do so I can figure out how to train – I am doing some metabolic training and it is kicking my butt – but in the end I will be happy. Keep it up!!!

  2. I love that this is all about lessons learned. Indeed you learn something from everything you do. I'm glad your back to training and got your appointment bumped up.If you want any help from ladies and coaches who've experienced this check out http://www.gotribalnow.com. They also have a retreat coming up, it'll be relaxing yet active so I feel like it could still fit your injury. Check it out on their website, it's called the Multisport and Adventure Series.Good luck with everything.

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