Well, I had a great Monday after a lucky weekend… my order from 110% Play Harder arrived and I can’t wait to tell y’all about the knee sleeves… preview – AMAZING new LOVE OF MY LIFE! So I’m on the repair at this point! I won a new running tee from the folks at YMX by Yellowman and I won a tube of Hoo Ha Ride Glide from the folks at 360 Cycling who have some pretty great podcasts if your interested… I know I’ve learned a little… so needless to say, I’m feeling pretty lucky as of late! And I’m the gal who never wins anything! lol. 🙂

Today, I started Physical Therapy…. it went well. I thought my knee did pretty well with our pool work. A couple hours after when I removed my new compression sleeve, it got a little achy but that’s part of the process and should be expected. Nothing good is pain free, right?!  Tomorrow I get to run for 40 minutes in the pool – whoohoo! Of course I’m supposed to walk a bit in there to measure my pain level. So I guess I’m going to have to listen to my body and not my mind – funny how we train ourselves to push the limits and then when you’re told to back off, trying to remember that seems sooooo hard! I told my therapist today that it didn’t matter that I couldn’t run on the hard ground yet but I wanted to be able to sport my “I’m on Vacation” bottoms for the underwear run when we’re in Kona! lol. At least she laughed at me instead of giving me J-Rays (judgment rays)!

So what you’ve been waiting for and I’ve been pushing the past couple weeks – my xtenex lace giveaway. I think it is so important to be able to give when you can, no matter what that may be. Y’all have figured out this summer has had its ups and downs but at the end of the day, I choose to take a negative and make it a positive. You have too! I was given these because of a super minor oopsy but I love that I can send them onto someone else! It gave me an opportunity to chat with the X-laces folks and not only did I learn about them but I learned about the great people working the product! That doesn’t happen everyday!! So without further ado… Austin, Scott Austin, you are the winner (as drawn by Luis)! 

The name holding mug!

Luis holding the name he drew!

Please e-mail me at donna.adams264 at with your address and what color you want (pink, green, silver, or black). I will get these sent out to you ASAP! I hope you love them as much as I do!!

With September and football season around the corner, I will be doing another giveaway… and I promise you October and Breast Cancer Awareness month will be full of surprises!   

2 thoughts on “IT’S A LUCKY MONDAY!!

  1. I have seen those 110% sleeves, I was thinking of getting one. What other podcasts do you like? All the ones I use to really like are gone, still get the Age Grouper everyone once in a while, RockStar Triathlete is a good one I like. Ben Greenfields is good only for the Q&A part, I need some new ones. Congrats to Austin

  2. I'm just getting into the podcasts so I'll have to check your recommendations out! lol. I really love my 110% sleeves. I'm kind of wondering why I didn't have them sooner!! 🙂

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