Sick Saturday, no really…

As I lay here in bed, sick as a dog, I start thinking about the last couple months of my life. My little Felt B14 fell off the rack which led to my spending money… Some of this I believe is because I’m lonely & it’s a good (really, not so much) outlet for me! And by little, I mean the B14 is in the shop, getting fixed up – her new to us aero bars came yesterday but the HEDs are so much sleeker than the Profile Designs that came on my new to me (no more than 10 miles ridden, or so I’m told) Fuji D6 2.0 so I’m contemplating a switch-a-roo. I’ve managed to find a new Rotor Crank set with Q Rings to replace the current set up on the 2.0. And of course, I bought new straps for my old bike rack & bought a nee rack that has all the bells & whistles!

So as I said, one small accident has led to some money being spent – however, I’m looking to sell the B14s race wheels as they’re 650s & I’ll be on 700s. The rack with its new straps will be sold. And eventually, I will sell my beloved B14 after I transition over to the 2.0. Ahhhhhhh! That’s a lot going on. My house looks like a UPS shipping center with all the boxes! Lol.

This week, I found out I have Patellafemoral Pain Syndrome. We only figured out what was wrong because a little over 2 weeks ago, I stepped off the golf cart wrong! It sounds like it would have really shown its ugly self at some point so I’m taking it as a blessing that we can treat it now before really getting into training for the Goofy & Ironman Texas. The other thing is, the right side is showing signs too… Ugh. But because of early detection, we can treat both – I have physical therapy 3 times a week & we’re hitting the water starting Monday.

I’ve started taking Osteo Bi-Flex for my joints & to help restore cartilage – my PT is concerned because of the amount of popping in my knee joint. And before I went, I had ordered some compression gear from 110% Play Harder – in that order, I had something picked out for my knee – there was instant relief last night when I put them on & I loved the little ice pouches… this will be key in my recovery program with PT. Other good news is I can still pool run (which I just started) & swim.

I’ve been disappointed that I haven’t been able to train or race a lot because of my unfortunate circumstances! But with every down, there is an up. Sometimes it just takes a while to get there.

We moved in a couple thousand first year students Wednesday – the baby Bulldogs are officially getting acclimated to Mississippi State life! Little sleep & long hours make the stress well worth it to see excited students on campus! (in case you didn’t know, I’m an Area Coordinator that oversees 6 housing facilities on State’s campus, 5 graduate students who oversee the residence halls report to me & they are phenomenal rock stars!!)

What I’m thinking today is there have been so many stressors in my life (including starting a long distance relationship after almost 2 years, not seeing my family in Ohio, etc.) that I think my body finally said screw you! lol.

I seriously keep to a routine & that has been completely broken the past couple months – I know it’ll all work out but damn, can we quit throwing stressors my way?! lol. Injuries, bikes, life… It’s time to find my balance again. It’s been hard because I’m a work hard, play harder girl & the play harder hasn’t been happening & kind of de-railing my mojo!! lol.

When life gets in the way, what do you do to balance? (hopefully it’s not getting flu-like sick, like me…to get you back in check) let me know – I’d love to hear from you!!

Also, don’t forget on Monday, I’ll be making someone’s day by sending them a pair of xtenex laces… check it out & get signed up!!

3 thoughts on “Sick Saturday, no really…

  1. ((HUGS)) Sounds like things have been less than easy lately! Hope you are feeling better from the sick stuff and keeping my fingers crossed that the physical therapy helps the injury! Keep that head up!

  2. Thanks! It'll get better… just need some time… but hopefully not too much!! lol. I've got a goofy and an ironman to accomplish in 2012! 🙂 Always take the bad and see the good… even when it's costing $$$ lol.

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