Gear Junky Thursday!! Cutter Gun Warmers

So about a month ago, in the dead of summer, I was on Bonktown when I saw these pretty nifty arm warmers, I mean ‘gun’ warmers. It was only 100+ degrees out with the heat index, why not!? It’ll cool down at some point & let’s face the truth… I’m a shopper who likes a deal (thank you Bonktown for all my deals! Lol)

These Cutter Gunwarmers were black with neon green – same as Venom – even better! The thing that caught my eye though was the thumb hole… Love at first sight! Lol. I’ve been looking for a pair (not hard but looking non the less) that would come over my wrist. The deal was good so I got myself a pair & Dustin a pair for his ginormous guns!

Well, I’m a freeze baby & even in the dead of summer, I found a use for them! They’re warm but to me, not overly hot so when I get done at the pool, perfect. They’re snug, secure, & fit me like a glove. They have a little elbow area mapped out in the sleeve which is nice but can annoying but at the same time, it helps guide you to your thumb holes. When I get out of the AC & into the heat, I simply take the thumb out and but it to my wrist. The thing I like is… The Cutter Gunwarmers are almost like a light compression wear. 🙂

Not gonna lie, I could use a little downtime on the heat so I could wear these things more… Soon enough, right??

Have a great rest of the week Gear Junkies & don’t forget to enter for my Xtenex lace giveaway! I’ll be drawing Monday so be sure to get the word out! 🙂 I want to make someone’s Monday!!

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