The doctors office…

So I’m sitting here in the MDs office patiently waiting (thanks google maps for making me late by sending me to the other side of town!)… I’m starting to think of how I was just getting off a golf cart when my knee popped, froze, & instantly made me want to cry like a little bia. Seriously, there is no great story to go with this injury.

I got called back, blood pressure was high at 120/80, got weighed (made me wonder what I weighed prior to this fruit, veggie, high protein diet)… Then told to have a seat because I was getting x-rayed. The thing is with RA training & our busy schedules, I just didn’t have time to do that. So I waited again, thinking about MVNU2MSU tomorrow & the possibilities of what issues could come up (I want my room changed, I can’t live with this person, my son/daughter can’t live here… Well you get the picture)… This was all in an effort to avoid thinking about what the popping & pain is all about, how long I might be off from training, the races I’m signed up for & how this would affect them, etc.

X-rays went as expected – didn’t hear anything about them in my appointment so we’ll just assume no damage was visible. My sports med doc came into the room, immediately noticed my Oschner 70.3 bag sitting on the table & I found out he did some of his program at Tulane (literally across a chain link fence from where I worked at previously). He does triathlons too, mostly Olympic distance – okay, I’m feeling pretty good about this guy. I tell him about the good ole left knee & he does the bending, making me grimace in pain… then the diagnosis: Patellafemoral syndrome & he said the right knee is showing signs too. Greatttt… Basically, I’ve overused/overloaded my knee.

So he told me no running & of course, I have the Goofy on my mind & I probably looked like a little kid, mouth wide open & hands on my face (picture Home Alone minus the outloud ahhhhhhh). We’ve already established that I’m doing long distances so I said, ‘umm, what about pool running?’ he paused & I said – ‘I’m doing a marathon & a 1/2 in January – I’ve started training, I can’t lose anytime because of my injury from stepping off a golf cart.’ my doc then said, ‘okay as long as your in water’ – score for this girl!!

I meet with my physical therapist Friday morning – too much at work the next couple days – 4500 students are heading into our residence halls at MS State tomorrow. I’ll be at work at 6a & then I’ll be manning my zone! Here’s to a great Wednesday & welcoming our puppies to campus & our Bulldogs back!

I’ll be sure to do a PT report Friday but now it’s time to order a little something from 110% Play Harder & then get a little rest because it’s gonna be a long day tomorrow!!

Have a great day everyone & don’t forget about my Xtenex lace give-a-way!!! – drawing will be August 15!!! Hit up the comments section on that post – you’ll love them, I just know it!!

2 thoughts on “The doctors office…

  1. Sorry to hear about the knee problems, at least you can get into the pool and run (bring your Ipod) I saw your O-H-I-O photo on twitter. You from Ohio? I just had a race in Columbus where we biked from Alum Creek down High St to Nationwide Arena in a tri, what a cool experience.

  2. I just bought the waterproof iPod! lol. I figure with as much pool time as I'm expecting, it'll be a good investment!I grew up in northeast Ohio, close to the PA, WV border. I'll always be a Big 10 girl and an Ohio State girl – started out there, finished my undergrad at Ashland U. Wouldn't trade either experience for anything! 🙂

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