Gear Junky Thursday!! Run Pretty Far

So let me say as a lady who has some curves to her… sometimes, it’s hard to find something you really like to wear much less work out in… well, let me tell ya… I found it! A small company out of the northwest US, Run Pretty Far, has classy, uniquely girly pieces, and of course all at affordable prices. I learned of Run Pretty Far when reading a blog I follow. 

When I placed my order, I figured it would just show up in the mail however, Jenn, one of the owners contacted me via e-mail to let me know my order was on its way – AWESOME! We all know I like the personalized touch! I thought I’d try one of their runner shirts and headbands. When I got my order in the mail, I was instantly WOWED! It was like Christmas came early to me!! 

Wrapped with care…

I ordered a couple of things for me and a couple for my sister. For starters, I got myself the Runfree Performance Tank and let me tell you, it performs! 


Ladies, if you have some curves, like I do, this tank is A-MAZ-ING! The lines on it is slimming and made me feel better about how I looked! Best of all, it didn’t rise up like to many do to me. I was seriously shocked at how it didn’t rise – I mean I had a honking huge hydration pack on my waist and it still didn’t creep up even a little bit! It breathed well and happened to wick away the moisture (which trust me, there was a LOT of it since I went out at 2p on a 100 degree day, not to mention the heat index and being in a head advisory… kids, don’t do what I do – I promise it is all in figuring out my fluid intake for Ironman Texas next year!!). 
I also ordered Run Pretty Far‘s Skinny Emerald Bic Band. I love this band! It’s glittery looking but not glittery at all (thank goodness, I tend to get the sparkles in my eyes!)! It stayed put on me and isn’t too tight at all – I plan on ordering more because they are just that great and I was complimented a lot at the Rivershack 2 miler and when wearing it around Starkville!!!


So not only do you get A-MAZ-ING customer service but in my opinion you get great products from great people! And I know I like to support small businesses within our country so check ’em out and Run PRETTY Far!

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