Stella strikes… again!

Lately, I’ve been so busy with work and training, I have a puppy who is…. hmmmmm… a little ticked off to say the least! This move a couple months ago was not only a transition for me but with her too!  Now we’re in the swing of things as far as training goes… we had 2 weeks of Resident Director training and now we’re on 2 weeks of Resident Assistant training. I’ve been able to successfully manage tri training and work training with Stella. And although I go home at lunch to let her out and sit around with her and come home around 6p typically for the night… Stella is not a happy camper and rebelling in anyway she can. Not only is her scheduled being screwed with a bit, she doesn’t have her buddy Mylee to play with. Mylee stays with Dustin and Apollo in New Orleans now and well, she misses her play buddy. None of this has been fun for this girl… so I’ve noticed the occasional accident in the kennel but now, were hitting dangerous territory because she’s getting me where it hurts – my wallet!

Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night to find my Fluid visor in bed and her knawing on it like a chew toy that it wasn’t. She took it off of a door handle and BAM! What you see is what I have! Probably lucky I heard the crunching.

Then last night, I was watching tv after I got home from football check-in (yes folks, college football is around the bend and I loved chatting with some of the guys last night – love, love, love me some college football – GO BUCKS! (I’ll always be a Big 10 girl))… to my surprise, she went into the bedroom and I didn’t think two things about it until I went in to go to bed… and found this!!!!

It was a little more scattered than this…

My heartrate monitor! IN PIECES! I was shocked… she looked at me with her puppy eyes and immediately tucked her head and went into the kennel… why? because she got up on a table in the bedroom for that one. I only had to look at her… funny thing is, she knew she was bad! I didn’t even shut the kennel door while I cleaned it up and she just kept looking at me… all I could think was, “I can’t be mad at her, I’ve been around but not what she’s used too.” Needless to say, she came back out and snuggled up with me on the bed and began snoring in like two seconds… she’s just too cute!

So I think since she hit me in the heart (haha) and the wallet she’s going to start running with me on the cool down! Work/life balance… she’s going to help me take it to a new level! ha

I swear I didn’t do anything!!

Happy Monday folks!!

2 thoughts on “Stella strikes… again!

  1. Oh no… the hat is one thing (a cheap replacement) but the heartrate monitor… that's not good!I'm all about the GO BUCKS statement! I can't wait until college football starts!

  2. I know… let me tell ya – she may be 6 months old but she knows how to hit you where it hurts! lol. I'm an Ohio girl at heart, started at OSU, finished at Ashland U. 🙂 I saw you're from Delaware and had to laugh because we used to show quarter horses in the big D many weekends out of the year! (replacing one expensive hobby with another! ha)

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