Something good has to be happening!

So this past weekend was our weekend off before all the Resident Assistants got back to MS State for training. Obviously I ended up in New Orleans with everything going on with my bike. Well, my 2010 Felt B14 was found to have some damage but nothing too horrid. I’m ebaying it for a new set of aero bars, the rear derailer is being replaced however,  I was shocked at how much it was going to cost to get the two areas fixed! For my Felt parts, I was looking at just under $800.00 – come on!!! The aero bars on there now that’s all damaged were aluminum. Shocked!! So you can see why I’m looking for a deal on eBay. Everything else was good with the exceptions of the cosmetic paint chips which are small. Luckily, the Zipps are in great condition – wheeeew! As soon as I get my bike back, I’ll be putting stuff out for sale (I can’t sell it without fixing it up, that’s just me!) … I’m currently debating on doing a complete set – race wheels and bike. They’re 650s so I’m not so sure how many people would want to buy them!

Why is “the dark horse” getting sold off at some point? Well, I have myself an awesome upgrade on the way… seriously, a deal I couldn’t pass up! This girl has a new Fuji D6 2.0 coming in. It’s loaded and I have no excuses not to hang!

I had a great talk with the guy I bought it from Friday night! He not only gave me some pointers on the bike when we talked on the phone but he also did Ironman Texas this year and needless to say, I learned some great things on the course, stops, etc. While we were talking about everything, it came up about how things happen for a reason… unfortunately, he needed to sell this beast and I was in the market and able to buy… this being said, with the sacrifices I’m making, high protein with fruit and veggies diet (it’s totally killing me!), the unfortunate accident with my bike leading to us finding the D6, and working out with not only Venom but being lucky enough to do workouts with the young guns of Mississippi State Tri… 2012 should be a pretty amazing year! Yes, I am totally looking forward to next year to start after an unexpected early ending.

3 thoughts on “Something good has to be happening!

  1. Thanks! I'm glad you found it too! I really couldn't pass the deal up – I would have kicked myself in the butt for the next 10 years if I did!! haha. I actually just rented a Kestrel for when we head out to Kona in October! Excited to try it out since it'll be the closest to my D6. 🙂

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