Talkin’ shop… Rivershack style

With ‘The Dark Horse’ falling off the bike rack a couple weeks ago, I’ve been a little sketched about taking her for a spin – a rightly so, a 75 mph nose dive off a moving vehicle to get drug a bit is nothing to mess around with! So this weekend, in a break from Hall Staff training, I had to take a trip to New Orleans to drop her off at my Felt dealer, Eastbank Cyclery. Will & the guys take great care of their clients (obviously, I drove the 5 hours to get there!).

While Dustin & I were in their talkin’ shop about the spill & my bike (which by the way will be taken completely apart to see what, if any, damage could be there that’s non cosmetic) a new bike rack caught my eye. For a while, I’ve been talking about getting a new rack – the accident secured the deal! So I started talking to Erik about it… this thing is loaded!! It’s a Thule, 2 bike (can convert to 4) wheel mount… locks on the hitch & bikes that’s built in (no more cords or worrying someone’s gonna take the whole rig), folds up nice & compact. So I asked other recommendations but was told this rack was pretty great …. next thing I knew, SOLD!! It’s on order & should arrive soon – I’m so excited! I looked at Dustin, who wasn’t around for all of this and said, I just bought a new rack… didn’t even phase him, he KNEW it was coming! Lol. I also had them looking at Fluid so hopefully for all my NOLA peeps I’ve given sample packs to that loved it you will have a local place to get it – fingers crossed!!

After that we stopped by The Rivershack who was hosting a 2 mile run that night – we weren’t completely in at that point because it’d been raining in NOLA but decided to do it. We went home, laid around and headed back around 5 to get registered. All proceeds benefitted charity & hello, it was sprinkling but we’d all be hot & sweaty anyways. The road was a little slick, I ended up finishing 55th of the women – 19:41… Horrible time but, I had had 3 beers before the run – this was for fun & a 10 year old beat me but really, I just wanted to make sure I beat the girls that looked like they belonged as part of the Jersey Shore cast – mission accomplished! Although, i felt the beer around mile 1.5 – good news is, I worked through the ickyness & thought, why’d i do that! We socialized a bit & went home to shower so we could go grab some dinner.

Sunday, I headed back to north Mississippi to clean out my fridge & go grocery shopping with Joe… no dairy or carby food for the next couple weeks! I doubt when I get put back on that’ll really be in the diet anyways! Today was day 1 and I’m a little groggy but I know payoffs will be big!! Did my swim this evening, drank my Fluid & got to have my 1/4c. Post workout raisins to get my carb fuel back up for my next workout. Surprisingly the vanilla almond milk was tasty… but all the fruit… I got it down so I’m calling Day 1 of IM conditioning & diet a success!!

I’m still pondering a new bike… I have a feeling you’ll be hearing something soon because it’s game on!!

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