So I’ve had a lot of people asking me recently how I use Fluid. Well, let me give you the rundown because I like to think I’ve got it pretty down pat (at least for me) after using it for almost a year. So, here we go…

If I do what I consider a regular workout, for example bike 20 and run 3 after or maybe it’s just a run day and I do 6-8 miles or less, I’ll use one scoop. This usually keeps me pretty loose for the next days workout.

Now, say it’s a Saturday or Sunday & I’m getting a super long workout in, say 50 miles on the bike or a long swim, I’ll do the prescribed 2 scoops… Works wonders!

After I finished my 1/2 Ironman (or the 69.1 since the swim was cancelled), I did 2 scoops immediately following the race and a couple hours later, I did another 2 scoops. The next day, I wasn’t sore at all, muscles felt great!!

Everyone who knows me, knows I am a Fluid pusher – I am always giving people samples because not only do I believe in this product, I love the company & what it stands for (not to mention every interaction with the owners has been amazing and well, I’m sponsored by them). When you visit their web-site, you will get a real education on muscle recovery & why it’s so important. With that being said, I want to push some Fluid to you! Here’s the deal, on Monday, August 9, I’m doing a giveaway for a Fluid sample pack!! The pack includes 2 Chocolate Wave, 2 Tropical Escapes, and 2 Berry Treasures…also… a Fluid water bottle since the Fluid team sent me one in my last order. So here’s the details to enter because I’m a simple lady:

*1 entry for following me publicly and saying so. (Required)
* 1 entry for saying how you would use it on my blog.
* 1 entry for liking Fluid on Facebook and saying so on my blog.
*1 entry for re-posting this to your blog and/or Facebook and/or Twitter & say so (if you do all, 3 entries!)

And you must live in the United States to be eligible. One lucky winner will be drawn!

And keep an eye out because word on the street is, the Fluid guys are about to release a new product soon… I hear it tastes great and works awesome!! I know I’m stoked!

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