Tire FLIPPING Wednesday!

What a great Wednesday! I woke up at 4:30a to get a run in… you know, I love to hate the heart rate monitor! I haven’t used it in forever and already noticed a change between not using it and using it – it’s just hard maintaining a constant heartrate between 149-159 and not going to high or low. After my hour and ten minute run, I met up with some of the Resident Directors to do some core work with tractor tires!! It was great! We started by pushing it back and forth for a few sets with our partner… this was with the big tire you see! It only weighed around 300 pounds!
Then it was time for 10 sets of 5 tire flips… I did 3 flips with the big tire and then had to downsize to the 150 pounder! Then it was all about time… we decided next time we’ll be better prepared with a clip board to take our 10 times down to be better able to gauge our progress as we continue on. 
Then we moved onto lunges with the tires… I opted for straight lunges… the guys were crazy and added a small tire…
Maybe next time I’ll sport the tire as I’m lunging…. although Joe told me I’ll have a weight vest to sport next time! Great workout guys and it was awesome to switch it up from my normal day to day stuff! It’s gonna be a great year!
On other news, I purchased a new hydration belt and can’t wait for it to get it… may as well take advantage of swimming and running while we’re getting this bike situation figured out… 

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