Sunfish bound!

Tomorrow, Dustin and I are heading about an hour and a half south for the Sunfish Triathlon. I am so stoked to see everyone from the team! It seems as though it’s been forever!!

An e-mail went out earlier this week talking about the Athena division, and of course war started! lol. Here is what started getting us fired up and excited for Sunfish!

NOW…  The word out on the street is that the Athenas at Sunfish are bringingitout for bloodgoin for the gustoshowing no mercy… no quarters will be asked or will be given…it will be the action packed group to watch!!… 6 fierce women will start out Saturday…but only 1 will bring home the pottery…let the games begin!!

Number of Registered Highly Motivated Female Athenas : 6
Name Category Age Group Gender
Adams, Donna … The dark horse! Athena 23 F
ALONZO, RENE .. The leader of the pack!! Athena 29 F
Kerver, Sue … The Quiet one! Athena 24 F
Parfait, Jill … Who are you?? Athena 39 F
Smith, Erin … Gonna get Rene good and drunk Friday nite!! Athena 18 F
Steudlein, ELizabeth-Ashley … will lay low and bust a move on y’all’s A$$  at the end!! Athena 20 F

I love that our ages were changed! lol. We’re looking to have some good competition within the group of  us this weekend!! Clydesdales are stacked with Jonathan and Dustin. And the Age Groupers are gonna bring it… to quote a wise woman, “BEAST MODE!!!” will be in full force this weekend at Sunfish! I’ll be sure to take some pics and have one heck of a race report come Sunday because WE ARE VMR!!!

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