Ohhh, so you’re a triathlete?!

So in exciting news, I’ve been named as one of the advisors to the Mississippi State University Triathlon Club Team – I am so excited to be working with these passionate, driven students!!

In other news, we’ve been recruiting/stirring up some interest amongst the incoming first-years. Lots of interest (which is great!) but… I hear a lot of “but I can’t do that, I’m not in good enough shape” or “oh, I don’t swim…” Of course, you tend to hear me say… I do this & I’m certain you can too… The thing that hurts is a couple of the incoming students looking at me like ‘no way in he$$ does she do this’ and I hear ‘oh really?’ I laugh it off and make a joke about it, because thats what i do. Seriously, I have fought with body image issues my entire life so this shouldn’t be new to me. Highs & lows, we all go through it – maybe its all the changes going on in my life. I don’t know but I do know there’s a lot I can do about it!

Its tough being a female. So much maintenance but then you do the whole tri thing or marathon thing & if you don’t have that perfect athletic shape, then we’re back to the ‘run of judgement.’ I am 31 and in shape, I just have hips and a bubble butt (I’ve always had that, nothing new there). At the end of the day am I happy with how I look, not completely but at 31 it’s a work in progress. Good body image days & bad… and it’s okay to have a bad one (I obviously am), but I know I can endure it & tomorrow will be a better day.

What I also realized today is what an amazing support team I have here in MS… the new guy, Joe, a Resident Director’s strength is core/strength training… I definitely need that! He’s ready to jump in and help me out with that. A couple members on the team are ready to ride or swim or do whatever… And my new co-workers are ready to jump in when my training gets long! Then of course i have Venom in New Orleans & my amazing boyfriend, Dustin, whom I love & wouldn’t be doing this without him… I couldn’t ask for anything more in my life! And regardless what anyone thinks, come May I’ll be ready for Ironman Texas & come January I’ll be ready for the Goofy Race & a 1/2 Challenge… which tomorrow training begins for the Goofy – just about 6 months out – while gearing up for a couple tris & looking forward to what lies ahead for me… If it’s maintaining & being in shape or having that ideal shape (but who knows what that really is), time will tell. 🙂

Running in the morning & biking tomorrow night – watch out because I’m coming! 😉

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