3 Feet…

This morning I rode for a cause in Starkville. Over 100 folks showed up to bring awareness to sharing the road and to support Boardtown Bikes shop owner, Jan, who was involved in a biking accident in May. I’ve been following her husband’s blog as she journey’s through her long road to recovery and how this has impacted him. I am amazed by this community’s strength & determination to support them & the 3 feet law that was passed in Mississippi last year.

I was welcomed with open arms and met some amazing community members – I was asked what I do & of course I said triathlons & I’m training for Ironman Texas… Immediately, I was being told of the endurance running group in town that does long runs on Saturday & that many go out for a long bike on Sunday – I thought to myself, perfect! I miss training with my teammates, I think I’ve been going through a bit of homesickness from New Orleans, because I’ve been feeling really lonely. I’m sure this will change once training starts for housing staff – I should be to busy to think about it! Haha.

Back to the ride, we rode around Starkvegas with police escorts being followed by one of the fire trucks – it was probably a 3 mile’ish ride, got my legs warmed up, cruisin’. It was awesome being part of this! I rode next to Michael Lee, triathlete and personal trainer awesomeness from Mississippi State… his passion for the sport & the team is truly inspirational (he was a founder of the team last year)… when we got back, we were given fruit, bagels, and other great stuff! The community donated door prizes for 115 people – awesome! I came home with a tasty gift certificate from Bulldog Deli a completely unexpected however, greatly appreciated! 🙂

Although I’m homesick from my NOLA life (I miss Dustin & the pups like crazy!), I’m excited to be in a community that is truly filled with great people!

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