Running against the Sun…

Tonight, I headed out after 7:30p to get a little run in… I filled my bottle up with some Accelerade Hydro (love that stuff!) and i was out the door! As I was out running (and by no means do I put down 8 minute miles – this girl is lucky for 10mm right now) I kept my motivation by thinking about the sun going down… my new run route is on our North Farm (Mississippi State’s Crop Research Farm). This was my first time taking it since I moved here but remembered there was a 4 mile loop but if you added this extra spot, you could make it 5… I meant to do 4, ended up doing 5… It’s not going to hurt me though! Lol. I got the Fluid in me and the compression sleeves on so lets hope i didnt go overboard tonight (still a little sore in my right calf from hiking).

The past couple months, I let life consume me – now, it’s time to get back at it … I have a trip to Kona this fall & I need to make sure I feel great about myself because honestly, right now – I don’t. I have IM Texas next year & it’s going to be a long road but one I’m looking forward to…

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