Training on the Go…

So late last week, right before I was heading to New Orleans to see Dustin and take our herd of dogs to him (I classify 3 boxers as a herd) – I found myself in an interesting conversation… one that was, your going on a trip… and I found myself saying, nope, when I get there, I’ll go to sleep and wake up to ride with the team at 6a – this is my life now of being in a long-distance relationship. Trust me, getting there around 10p and waking back up at 5a was rough but totally worth it! I had a nice little run after and realized how different the air quality is in north Mississippi vs. Nawlins. It was rough and felt thick but I sucked it up and did my thing.  

So I drove back Sunday just to leave at 5a Monday for a work retreat in Arkansas. We worked a lot and hiked on Tuesday… We went up Mount Pinnacle and it was beautiful when you reached the top… well worth it!

Sometimes what seems impossible, is totally possible!
At the top… it was beautiful!

While we were hosted by UA of Little Rock, we found some time to head to Central Arkansas and take in the sights there. 🙂 I had a little wardrobe change into my CDifferentwithAaron shirt so I could get my photo contest entry snapped titled… It’s ALL in how YOU C it! (or it could be ALL YOU C)… yes, I had fun playing with words! I got into the fountain at CA and had my picture taken through the water… I look happy or is it shocked (surprisingly the water was cold!)… is it rain or snow… maybe I’ve just put too much thought into making it relevant! lol. Check out the site:

 Anyways, it brings me to an article I read about Aaron and para triathletes… the one where he’s suing USAT because of a rule requiring blind athletes to wear black-out glasses… the thing is most blind athletes have a very small percentage of vision and to take that away is dangerous (at least I think)! You know, I sometimes wonder if people ever consider speaking with those who I would consider experts… did anyone ever think about the danger they’re putting someone in – I’ve had to put on ‘beer goggles’ before and been so discombobulated that I’ve fallen – so to tell athletes that have a little bit of vision left that they need to be completely in the dark is not fair… at least in my opinion. If you feel there is a need to distinguish more, make 2 divisions – but to not make an considerations or take suggestions on how to improve this rule is not fair. I’m hoping for a positive resolution and I feel much better about getting my thoughts out into the world!  🙂

Running tonight, biking in the morning… I’m back ‘home’ and it’s time to get a moving – SunFish is a coming soon!

Stay Strong Folks!


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