I had a huge surprise Friday afternoon – what I thought was going to be delivered was a cheesecake and instead, I had a beefcake show up at my door – Dustin surprised me with the dogs!! So on Saturday, getting back into my routine, I thought it’d be wise to do a nice, long bike. We got up early to let the pups out… before loading up my bike with Accelerade Hydro and GU… I’ve gotten good at the night before thing so I don’t waste anytime getting out when its still cool.

As I pushed through all the pain and heat, I remembered this little boy from a YouTube video I watched earlier this week! As young as he is, he has a career ahead of him giving motivational speeches!! ha. I ended up shaving a little over 30 minutes off my first bike out to the refuge – maybe it was having Dustin there and knowing he would be like, ‘where ya been at?’ or just an overall improvement…. who knows!

Other high marks from this week included:

  • Getting my 5a wake up call routine down!
  • Biking before work and meeting one of the bike guys from Boardtown Bikes!! This bike shop in Starkville is AMAZING!
  • Getting a little extra money when I wasn’t expecting it! I was able to buy the book Aaron Scheidies recommended for my open water swimming a while back… and a new race day shirt – if you don’t have one, get one:
  • Getting in touch with Mississippi State’s Triathlon Club team… so stoked about getting to work with them and all their awesomeness!
  • Even… getting Dustin instead of a cheesecake at my place… made for a perfect weekend!!
EVERYTHING IS LOOKING UP! Off to NOLA this coming weekend to get some training in with my VMR peeps and definite open water swimming in Lake Pontchartrain!

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