Enjoying the Ride…

Ever wonder why I say enjoy the ride? Well, it started back in 2003 when I was the Ohio Quarter Horse Association Queen… yes, I’m googable! lol. Anytime I would sign an autograph, I would ALWAYS say ‘Enjoy the Ride’ <3, Donna… cute, I know! When I started this whole triathlon thing last year, it was rough. The rides were rough: my legs hurt, my saddle area hurt, and the mental game was rough since I started in June and in southern Louisiana means HOT & HUMID! I often thought what have I done. So I began saying, just enjoy the ride!

Well, with moving and all, life got in the way of training for about the past month or so… my 36 mile ride yesterday was rough… 32 of the 36 miles were hills, both ways there was a headwind (just my luck). At one point I thought to myself I should turn around, maybe this is too much – but I kept going because I’m stubborn. The road is newly paved out to the Wildlife Refuge and the scenery is gorgeous… a lot of farms, trees, and green grass!

 I was hurting none the less on my way back in. The heat was radiating from the road – of course I was out later than I wanted to be (…but that is being blamed on the neighbor who had 4 trucks, that lacked mufflers come over at 1:30 in the morning and sit idol while one blared their brights into my bedroom and another was in what sounded like an argument with the neighbor… yes, who knew this would be an eventful Saturday night! ha!) so the heat index was about 110 or so. Nonetheless, I reminded myself to enjoy the ride – it was my first ride back in a while and it was going to hurt regardless of where I road or how long I road. So I enjoyed it for all it was worth – the beauty and the pain!!

As soon as I’m back in shape, I’ll be hitting the road with the bike group up here… but I gotta get used to these hills so I don’t embarrass myself!

On an additional note, I was surprised at how the motorist reacted on my ride. They were courteous, they actually passed with caution and shared the roadway! I’m not in New Orleans anymore!!

Pics below are where I road to – the Wildlife Refuge… there was a gator lurking out there… too bad I can’t swim out there!! My swim would improve quick! ha. Still looking for an open water training location, hopefully I’ll find it soon!!

Enjoy the ride folks!

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