There have been so many changes &  events going on in my life that it’s taken a while for me to get back in the saddle again and blog! This spring, I was caught up in job searching, recovering my building from a flood that started with a ball hitting a sprinkler head (yes, there is a reason our mothers always told us to go outside & play with balls!), and of course training… with my new teammates of Venom Multisport Racing!! Then it moved into building recovery, moving, and unfortunately, training took to the back burner more than I had hoped!

I competed back in April in the Oschner New Orleans 70.3 and was pretty pleased for my overall performance. The weekend was packed! We had awards ceremonies and the Coast Guard Foundation Dinner on Friday night, not to mention packet pick-up, checking the bike in… seriously, where was the time to get all fancied up?! Well, I found it!

Dustin & I at the Coast Guard Foundation Dinner… we look hot!

Saturday, we went to transition to get my bike all checked in. While we were there, I ran into my training buddies of VMR!

Dropping my little Felt B14 off to transition for the night

I heard the news when Dustin came out of the convenience store that the swim was cancelled… I didn’t want to believe it…. then I saw folks coming back to the parking lot from transition with their wetsuits echoing what Dustin was told by the officer in the convenience store at 5 in the morning. I cried a little (mostly over the feeling of how hard I had worked and it felt like it was slipping away) and then got over it – because that’s that what we do as athletes… conditions change all the time and we have to roll with it. I finished in under 6 hours which means I would have crushed my goal time I had set for myself. 

In May, we headed to Ironman Texas to celebrate Dustin’s 30th birthday! It was a great time – we got to see fellow triathlete’s on their path to becoming an Ironman!! We were also lucky enough to spend some time with David Lantz (thanks for letting us stay with you!!), Brad Pigage, and Derek Oskutis and before we left Sunday… and let’s not forget – Dustin and I will be competing next year at Ironman Texas… as soon as I gave them my entry fee in the tent, I thought to myself – “what the hell did I just do?! Houston, in May, it’s gonna be a hot one! And I just gave them over $650 bucks to do this to myself!!” 

IMTX Swim In – I’ll be doing this next year!!
Dustin enjoying his 99 cent frozen screwdriver on a hot Texas day!

Job searching continued after that – apply, apply, apply and now I am working at Mississippi State University! My going away party did nothing for my training (or lack thereof)… I will say that I left with a great bash at The Bulldog in New Orleans – great people, great beer, great times!

Erik, Mary, & I … looking pretty good …… considering

I’m excited to be here and part of the team in Housing and Residential Life. Dustin and I moved me up here over Memorial Day weekend with the three pups. Apollo was my co-pilot in the 26′ truck. I was amazed at how many people came out to help us move my furniture! It took no time at all to get it all in the house…. nicest move by far (we won’t talk about the issues I had turning my truck back into U-Haul… I will ALWAYS move with Penske from here on out… ALWAYS!)

Apollo riding shotty!!
Dustin taking a break from moving stuff with Stella & Apollo

Now this weekend, it’s time to get back at it. I’m hoping to do Augusta 70.3 this year. I’ve contacted the Miss State Triathlon Club team to see where I can get some open water swimming in. I was shown the 30 mile bike ride (about 36 from my place) and that can easily be made into a 75 mile bike… I can’t wait to get to know some people in Starkville and start training with them because I’ve been told about the groups and how busy! So that catches you up on the past view months… now it’s time to get busy! I’m heading out tomorrow for a 30+ to get my legs going again… rolling hills and all! 

Enjoy the Ride!

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